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  1. LizardOfOz

    Zombie Fortress & Horde Project a5

    This is a prototype intended for map makers to start going. Gameplay probably won't change much, but gamemode's structure certainly will. Two gamemodes in one: The Horde Project - As Survivors, defend your control points against Zombies until the time runs out. Survivors do respawn. 8...
  2. LizardOfOz

    Zombie Fortress VScript tests on Valve maps 23w23b

    Using my Horde VScript I test on other maps, but more in line with traditional Zombie Fortress this time. Namely, this is Infection-type.
  3. LizardOfOz

    Horde Mode Test on Ghost Town a4

    Developing a new gamemode and using mvm_ghost_town as a placeholder map.
  4. zythe_

    Multi Stage necropolis_s1 a2

    Halloween tf2 map that takes place in a zombie apocalypse setting.
  5. Le Codex

    Zombie Defense Prefab V2

    This is the prefab used to make the map Sarex and I submitted for the 20th Microcontest. The gamemode is basically asymmetric Arena (only RED team has one life), combined with A/D (BLU team are zombies who only have access to melee that can win by capping one of two points). Troubleshooting and...
  6. Heili

    Shoplift (SZF) V1C

    It's One Way to Kill Time *Shoplift requires SZF 4.1.2 or newer to run multi-stage maps* Scavenge through to the heart of an abandoned mall where rumors of the military's last evac site is said to be. Take everything you can to outlast 3 MASSIVE stages: The Garage, The Hypermarket, and The...
  7. Heili

    SZF Black Lagoon V3

    The Smallest are the Deadliest Zombie mosquitoes are rumored to be spreading the infection. Desperate for a cure, your survivor team hatches a plan to bomb the lagoon where the infection came from. Super Zombie Fortress! The official SZF mode of Black Lagoon is here. No longer running from the...
  8. Yaki

    New Skeletons Prefab V4

    What is this prefab? This comes with three files which tell you all about how to make a more complex (and better working) Skeleton in TF2. (!) Please check out the readme that comes with the pack for more info. This prefab demonstrates: How to put hats, glowing eyes, even a bomb head (that...
  9. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94

    (popfile) Horzine Holocaust A2

    Undead are bad enough, but now Horzine's experiments are here? It's time to kill the floor! Fight waves of killing floor-inspired zombies from both games and from the popular kf1 mod Scrn Balance. An advanced 7-wave (and hopefully balanced) mission for mvm_condemned...
  10. BackSun

    RS_Earthquake rc1

    Install Instructions: The download contains a README with full instructions, but here is the short version for singleplayer or LAN: 1. Add "+sv_allow_point_servercommand always" to your launch options, without the quotes. 2. Place the "_earthquake custom files.vpk" file into your custom...
  11. Heili

    ZE/ZF Jungle Lab RC1

    Science's Biggest Mistake A team of scientists have invented the zombie virus after an experiment gone horribly wrong. Realizing how humanity is endangered if these super infected breach the lab, your survivor team must escape the underground lab to contain the virus and blow EVERYTHING UP...