Shoplift (SZF)

Shoplift (SZF) V1C

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Shoplift (SZF) V1C

It's One Way to Kill Time

It's One Way to Kill Time

*Shoplift requires SZF 4.1.2 or newer to run multi-stage maps*

Scavenge through to the heart of an abandoned mall where rumors of the military's last evac site is said to be.
Take everything you can to outlast 3 MASSIVE stages: The Garage, The Hypermarket, and The Helicopter.

Super Zombie Fortress!
No more running from the zombies, you're taking the fight to them in this new SZF mode.

  • Terrifying midnight!
  • New Scavenge objective for stage 2!
  • Car alarms, gauntlets, fuel barrels, and graffiti just like Left 4 Dead!
  • Scary custom soundscapes!
  • New NPC interaction and new animations for rescue!
NOT compatible with Zombie Fortress (due to Scavenge)

Currently hosted on Redsun and DISC FF
Red Sun (SZF) US-C IP:
Red Sun (Gamemode Madness) EU IP:
Red Sun (Gamemode Madness) US IP:
Thank you to these UGC authors:
Freyja & E-Arkham - Japan Content
E-Arkham - Snowycoast gas can & Antiquity Assets
Fuzzymellow - City & Jungle Textures
TF2 Pacific Team - Pacific Content
TF2 Frontline! Team - Frontline! Content
TF2 Construction Team - Construction Content
TF2 Swamp Team - Swamp Content
TF2 Maritime Team - Maritime Content
TF2 Bulletcrops Team - Bulletcrops Content
Crash & Pear - Overgrown Assets
Urban, Uncuepa - Food ads
Berry - Autumnal Pack
AlexCookie - Timer Door Textures
Dr.Face - Slender Arctic Assets
Timberghost - Arctic & Precipice Assets
Pocket - Timberghost's smooth wood floor edits
Evil Knevil, NassimO, DeRoseJ, evilfoxnl14 - Vehicle Props
Boomsta - Neon Alphabet Signs
BANG - Watergate Dumpster
Apom - Rotating Air Intake
Treythepunkkid - Morrigan Alley Assets
Krazy - Ghastlane Textures & Vehicle Props
Bakscratch - Santorini Assets
Ravidge - Handrail Edits
AsG_Alligator - Conifer Assets
Midlou - Frontline! Tank Prefab
FGD5 - Vehicle props
DioJoestar - Hologram Capture Point prop

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Zombie Fortress

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Latest updates

  1. V1C

    SZF Shoplift V1C - Fixed S1 Gauntlet not ending after S1A capture - Removed S2A glass before escalators and added a rare weapon spawn nearby - Added a fog volume check at S1 start - Added an extra scavenge tutorial for the Reactor deposit zone -...
  2. V1B

    V1B hotfix Another reminder that you must have the latest 4.1.2 SZF version to run Shoplift or any other multi stage map, older versions are most likely to crash your server. - fixed infected ramps not being included in map - fixed S1 Garden...
  3. V1A

    SZF Shoplift V1A - fixed weapon spawns not being converted by the SZF mod after Stage 1 - fixed perch point above Saferoom 1 door - fixed reflections not being sewn - fixed funky looking reflection at the cafe floor - removed holograms to...