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Zombie Fortress VScript tests on Valve maps 23w23f

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Zombie Fortress VScript tests on Valve maps 23w23f


Using my Horde VScript I test on other maps, but more in line with traditional Zombie Fortress this time. Namely, this is Infection-type.
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Latest updates

  1. 23w23f

    Now back to Mountain Lab! Bomb is now not required to capture a point, except for Last. Fixed Pyro and Heavy not having ammo reduction (200->100). Zombies: 60% Resistance to Airblast Removed Wall Climbing. Can now use any melee of their choice...
  2. 23w23e

    * Now on Upward! * Survivors Pyro and Heavy now have 100 ammo instead of 200. * Fixed a bug when non-bomb-carrier sometimes counted towards the capture speed. * Fixed Zombie HP regen bugs. * Extended melee range and hitreg bounds of Zombies.
  3. 23w23d

    * Back to Dustbowl! * Now you need to carry the flag between the control points. * Only the flag carrier counts towards point capture progress. * Capture speed was reduced to compensate. (No, Scout doesn't get x2 cap speed) * Zombies now spawn at...