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RS_Earthquake B4

A coop/singleplayer survival map with dynamic difficulty, similar to Call of Duty zombies.

  1. BackSun
    Install Instructions:

    There is a readme file in the zip file that gives instructions on how to install, uninstall, and play the map; but here are some highlights:

    Place the file named “_earthquake custom files.vpk” in your TF2 custom folder.

    Note, that this will replace: the HHH text that shows up when you are "it", change the HHH's particle effects, and change the model of the HHH's headtaker; which means that you can leave it installed if you don’t mind the HHH looking different on Halloween.

    However, if you don’t want to have the HHH look or act any different outside of my map, you can instead use the "_earthquake client minimum.vpk" file, which gives you the barebones requirements for playing the map, however you will have to play on a server that is using the full VPK.

    This next part is optional, but can improve performance if you are having trouble:

    Repeat the previous steps on a dedicated server and launch the server.

    (If you plan on running a public server I suggest you use the cheat control plugin by: berni)

    You are good to go! All that is left is joining the server you created or starting up a local game.

    Gamemode Description:

    What does rs stand for?

    Robot Survival

    Robot Survival is a wave-based survival gamemode: every wave a certain number of melee bots are spawned, which you must kill in order to advance to the next wave. After which they gain money to buy weapons, upgrade those weapons, and open doors to explore the map. At the start the only weapons you can use are melee weapons and spy's revolver, but after a few waves you can buy the shotgun and each class’ primary weapons (once they are found in the map).

    There is no real ‘victory’ in this mode, although there are only 100 rounds that can be fought through. So you could potentially fight through all 100 and win, but that would take a while. The main goal of this gamemode is to shoot robots.

    Video Demo:

    Want to know what this gamemode/map is all about but don't want to download it? Then look no further than this demo video:



    Q: I only spawned with my melee! How do I get my weapons back?!

    A: The shotgun can be purchased in the spawnroom by using Uber canteens in the marked area. The other class’ weapons can be likewise purchased around the map.

    Q: How do I open doors?

    A: Each door has a counter which can be decreased by using Uber canteens in the marked area around that door. Once the counter reaches 0 the door will open.

    Q: My game is lagging!

    A: Here are a few things you can try:

    1. Run a dedicated server.

    By connecting to a dedicated server, the simulation workload can be spread out more evenly, even if you are running the server locally; which can improve your client’s performance (improving FPS). (Note: this will not be the case if your CPU is already working close to 100%).

    2. Play with fewer people or lower the number of bot spawns in the cheat room. (the cheat room is located behind the double doors to the right of the spawn room upgrade station. After the first wave you can go in there and hit buttons with your melee weapon to change how the game works.)

    The map increases the number of bots spawned for every person (up to 6) which means that at 4+ people the game can lag.

    3. Make sure you have adequate bandwidth.

    This game mode requires a bit more bandwidth than normal, if your internet connection isn’t very strong and you are trying to play online; you may run into issues.

    (Note: this doesn’t just mean your ping is bad, it means your download/upload bandwidth isn’t big enough to handle the traffic)

    Q: Why can’t the engineer build anything?

    A: The engineer needs to unlock his weapons just like every other class before he can build anything.

    Q: Ok, I unlocked his weapons, now why can’t I build dispensers and teleporters?

    A: Balance.

    Engineer is easily one of the most powerful classes in this type of gamemode. The teleporter could allow you to easily move across the entire map preventing the bots from ever getting close to you. And the dispenser allows for turtling, by preventing the dispenser it forces players to go around the map for ammo, instead of just staying in one spot.

    Q: Why can’t the medic revive or use his shield?

    A: Balance.

    The shield messes up bots pathfinding; and if you have a few medics in a corner, you can hold off the bots infinitely without ever having to worry about getting hurt.

    The removal of reviving is because of how player deaths are recorded internally, and allowing reviving would mess up the counter.

    Q: Why is weapon X not allowed?

    A: Some weapons (base jumper, quickfix, etc.) are removed because they would make the game too easy and you would be stupid not to use them.

    Other weapons (Bison, eyelander, etc.) are removed because they don’t work properly with the HHH bots, upgrades, or some other part of the map (for example: because of how TF2’s upgrade system works, laser weapons can’t have their damage upgraded).

    Lastly botkillers aren’t allowed because when there are removed the dangling bit isn’t removed and stays in front of your face for the rest of the game, which is annoying.

    Q: What do you mean this map has “dynamic Difficulty”?

    A: The number of bots that spawn is directly proportional to the number of people playing the map. So theoretically the difficulty should be similar for 1 or 6 people, because each person will have to deal with the same number of robots no matter how many other people are playing.

    Q: Wait, so does that mean that this map is singleplayer too?

    A: Yes! That was one of my main goals when developing this map.

    Maybe not FAQ but general mapping related questions

    Q: Why didn’t you just pack everything into the BSP? You are a horrible person.

    A: In my defense: as of beta version 4 I actually reduced the amount of stuff in the VPK so that you could play normal TF2 and not even notice the change. However, if you don’t like how the HHH is changed you can always run the client minimum version of the VPK and then play on a server.

    I tried to pack as much as I could into the BSP (custom textures, models, and the nav file to name a few). But some things can’t be loaded via BSP. For instance, to change the Headless Hatman spawn and death particle effect you can only override that through a file in the custom folder; which can't be loaded via the BSP (as far as I know).

    Q: What are the demo bots? Are they regular TF2 bots?

    A: The bots are remodeled and reanimated, Horseless Headless Horsemen. Because of how TF2 handles standard bots you can only have about 21 of them at any one time (on blue in MVM). But there is no such limit on how many HHH you can have running around at once (the only limit you will run into is when your FPS drop to 5 because of how many are running around). When I tried doing this gamemode with standard bots I never felt like there were enough to feel like I was truly fighting a horde, and they often wouldn’t act how I wanted and would end up roaming the map instead of chasing the player.

    Q: Will you release the VMF? I want to see how you did X.

    A: Yes! I plan to release the VMF along with a prefab pack so people can make their own RS maps

    custom asset citations:

    This map would have been far uglier without the ability to use these amazing assets, thank you to the creators.

    construction pack:




    lighting pack:


    (for those people who want to know why I made this map)

    When watching different shooter games I have seen that almost every one has had a zombie survival mode of some sort; and since I never got into any shooters besides TF2 I always wondered… how would our 9 favorite mercenaries fair in this situation? Well there has always been zombie fortress and other multiplayer mods, but it isn’t the same. You need a good internet connection (which I haven’t always been graced to have) and usually you must play as the zombies at some point (which isn’t as fun in my opinion). I wanted a purely coop/singleplayer zombie survival experience (like Call of Duty), but to my dismay there wasn’t one anywhere to be seen. So, I made one myself! 400 700 800 hours after booting up hammer for the first time I am proud to release the first ever TF2 zombie survival map; and the best part is that it requires no server plugins of any type (at least for singleplayer or LAN play), just the map file and the custom VPK.


    1. 16 map overview.jpg
    2. 1 spawn.jpg
    3. 2 spawn camping fight.jpg
    4. 4 generator control room.jpg
    5. 5 water filer.jpg
    6. 6 hallway.jpg
    7. 7 water intake room.jpg
    8. 8 intake floor fight.jpg
    9. 9 intake main door fight.jpg
    10. 10 outside spawn.jpg
    11. 11 outside.jpg
    12. 12 storage.jpg
    13. 13 storage fight.jpg
    14. 14 train station.jpg
    15. 15 courtyard fight.jpg
    16. 17 outdated fight.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. The VPK Reduction Update
  2. The textured update
  3. The Beta Update Hotfix

Recent Reviews

  1. Drolrevo
    Version: B2
    i love this map
    subsequent versions are expected.

    But the composition of the vpk is very bad. You might want to find a solution to using a robot rather than a HHH. or Keep the HHH, but spawn a specific robot is not bad.
  2. Squidward... no wait
    Squidward... no wait
    Version: B2
    Good map! I like the gamemode and its very fun to play with friends!
  3. Anonymous
    Version: a3
    Its a very good map and I had fun playing it. It still needs lots of work like details and some bug fixes, but overall a good map to play.