ZE/ZF Jungle Lab RC1

Science's Biggest Mistake

  1. NoderNaeta
    Science's Biggest Mistake

    A team of scientists have invented the zombie virus after an experiment gone horribly wrong.
    Realizing how humanity is endangered if these super infected breach the lab, your survivor team must escape the underground lab to contain the virus and blow EVERYTHING UP inside!
    Will you survive pre-apocalypse?
    Compatible with Zombie Escape & new Zombie Fortress!

    Gambanana Mirror

    My Concept Art


    1. jungle_lab_thumb.png
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    3. biodome.jpg
    4. cavern.jpg
    5. elevator.jpg
    6. resort.jpg
    7. rocket_silo.jpg
    8. upper_lab.jpg
    9. parking_lot.jpg

Recent Updates

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  2. Beta 3
  3. Beta 2