New Skeletons Prefab V4

Skeletons with bomb heads? Hats? Glowing eyes? You got it!

  1. Yaki
    What is this prefab?

    This comes with three files which tell you all about how to make a more complex (and better working) Skeleton in TF2.

    (!) Please check out the readme that comes with the pack for more info.

    This prefab demonstrates:
    • How to put hats, glowing eyes, even a bomb head (that explodes) and shield on a skeleton.
    • How to change the HP value of a skeleton (as well as display damage numbers).
    • How to make a zombie apply Bleed or Mark for Death on enemies that get close.
    • How to make a skeleton not spawn Baby Skeletons.
    • How to make players speak voicelines when the player encounters a skeleton underneath them.

    The kinds of Skeletons in this prefab are:
    1. Purple -- Armor Skeleton: Has 250 HP.
    2. Yellow -- Mark Skeleton: Has 50 HP, marks for death
    3. Black -- Bomb Skeleton: Has 50 HP, detonates on contact or if you shoot the bomb head.
    4. Pink -- Bleed Skeleton: Has 50 HP and applies Bleed
    5. Green -- Norm Skeleton: Has 50 HP. No powers.
    6. Orange -- Dancing Skeleton: Has 50 HP. Does the Kazotsky Kick.

    Useful commands:
    -- Executes the navigation algorithm for your new spooky skeletons to walk around and attack the living.
    nb_stop 1
    -- Freezes all skeletons
    ent_fire zombie_debug trigger
    -- Spawns all skeletons at once. (requires sv_cheats 1)
    ent_fire zombie_debug_alpha trigger
    -- Shows the hitboxes of all visible skeletons. (requires sv_cheats 1)


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