SZF Black Lagoon

SZF Black Lagoon V3

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SZF Black Lagoon V3

The Smallest are the Deadliest

The Smallest are the Deadliest
Zombie mosquitoes are rumored to be spreading the infection. Desperate for a cure, your survivor team hatches a plan to bomb the lagoon where the infection came from.

Super Zombie Fortress!
The official SZF mode of Black Lagoon is here. No longer running from the infected, you’re now charging straight at them! Features:
  • New starry twilight!
  • CP / PL Hybrid!
  • Slow water, avoid getting your feet wet!
  • New Infected Ramps and Break Walls!
  • Gauntlet event: rush to stop the horde!
Currently hosted on and Disc FF
Red Sun (SZF) US-C IP:
Red Sun (Gamemode Madness) EU IP:
Red Sun (Gamemode Madness) US IP:
Disc FF US IP:

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Gamebanana Mirror
Tactical Map Overview
Compatible with Zombie Fortress.
Thank you to these UGC authors:
Dr. Face: props
fuzzymellow: textures
AsG_Alligator: props
Rexy: props
Bulletcrops Team: props
Beetle: props
MaccyF: props
Frontline! team: props
Void: sky
Ravidge: props
Krazy: props
FubarFX: props
Dr. Spud: props
EArkham: props
Gadget: props
r0nii: props
Exactol: particles
First release
Last update
Zombie Fortress

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Latest updates

  1. Version 3

    SZF V3: - Gauntlet changes: - D cap time reduced from 15 to 8 seconds - Infected now spawn inside the cave after C's capture, gauntlet can be started by breaking the gate on the other side if survivors stall the game - Merged gauntlet spawns at...
  2. Version 2

    SZF V2: - Setup time increased from 25 to 35 seconds - Game runs on szf_director_scale now - Added more weapon spawns - Added more health/ammo pickups - Payload now gives pushers the Concheror heal on hit effect (workaround due to SZF disabling...