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Zombie Defense Prefab V2

Prefab for the gamemode made for MC20

This is the prefab used to make the map Sarex and I submitted for the 20th Microcontest. The gamemode is basically asymmetric Arena (only RED team has one life), combined with A/D (BLU team are zombies who only have access to melee that can win by capping one of two points).

Troubleshooting and dos and don'ts:
  • If triggers have missing textures, just replace them with the regular trigger texture. It doesn't affect anything.
  • Both teams MUST NOT have resupply lockers. RED because they are playing Arena and BLU because it breaks the logic. For red, you can include resupply lockers, but BE SURE TO RENAME THE FUNC_REGENERATE "red_respawnroom" (so it is killed once the round starts).
  • I recommend NOT changing the times (setup time, round duration, capture time for the point, respawn time). If you want to, it's the same as any other gamemode (edit the trigger_capture_area, logic_auto for the respawn, and team_round_timer).
  • The prefab doesn't include a setup door for BLU. You can simply add an output on the team_round_timer (if you can't find it, it's named "game_timer"): "OnSetupFinished <door name> Open"
Installation instructions:
  1. Take all the logic in the sky and put it in an out-of-bounds area (players shouldn't be able to access it from gameplay space)
  2. Put the triggers around the spawnpoints in the prefab, around the spawnpoints in your map. Be careful to preserve which team goes where (If RED players are in melee-only, you swapped them). EITHER USE THE RESPAWNROOM IN THE PREFAB OR RENAME THE RED FUNC_RESPAWNROOM "red_respawnroom". Otherwise, red players will be able to respawn and change classes after the start of the round.
  3. Place the control points where you want them to be. You can rescale the trigger_capture_area but be sure to only use what comes in the prefab (don't replace the trigger by something out of ABS for example).
  4. Place the giant trigger all around your map (It makes people respawn instantly during setup).
  5. You're done!
  • RED players can respawn in their spawn/change classes during the round!
    • Redo step 2
  • BLU players are not in melee-only!
    • Redo step 2
  • Triggers have missing textures!
    • Replace those textures with the regular trigger texture
  • Zombies don't win when they cap a point!
    • Redo step 3
  • If I change classes outside of the spawn room/dies during setup as RED, I don't respawn!
    • Redo step 4
  • If I join after the round starts as RED, I get killed!
    • This is normal. The logic emulates Arena and so disallows players from joining mid-round for RED.
  • I have another issue!
    • Send it in the discussion of this download/ping me on the Discord
This was the opportunity to kinda update the Arena logic I made. Now it doesn't use map-wide triggers anymore! And should also be more responsive.
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  1. I dun goofed up

    Enabled sentries to do damage again This change may also be done manually, by changing the value in the trigger_add_or_remove_player_attributes named setup_conds_blu that adds the "SET BONUS: dmg from sentry reduced" attribute to .05 instead of...