single stage

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  1. Pyrollenium

    boomertown a1

    Probably a placeholder name. 2CP Attack/Defend
  2. Yoshark

    pl_bombastic a11

    The infamous checklist payload map, re-imagined. Features such as: + respawning cart + exploding train + 4 Points + 2 Forward spawns (for BLU) + 1 Forward spawn (for RED)
  3. zythe_

    Vaultage a6

    [screenshots outdated] Pl_Vaultage is a dusbowl, and hoodoo inspired map, so its just the good ol mining theme. This is my first pl map to be uploaded!
  4. MegapiemanPHD

    Midwest rc1a

    Midwest Mills is a milling company being used as a front for RED team and hiding some kind of sci fi power source device that BLU really wants to destroy. PL_Midwest was my entry for the Back to Basics contest. It's a payload map designed to try to get the most out of it's space with a snaking...
  5. Joseph joestar

    firstpayloadboy A1

    My first attempt to create payload map. my mind doesn't feel good.. hope It'll work
  6. Neketo

    Coyote A19

    Hightower-themed single-stage payload map with a single train going through every point. Credit to: XEnderFaceX's Cactus Canyon Finale Prefab Freyja's train/gate prefab Ravidge's lighting library (A20) Gadget's Railroad Tracks Created for the Back to Basics contest.
  7. woah

    Notice a4

    A simple 2CP A/D map, set in a magical world with no displacements. The map is single stage. I'm new to mapping, so feedback and advice is appreciated.
  8. Sympuppy

    Rocky Flats b11

    Somewhere on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains lies Rocky Flats, a privately owned nuclear weapons facility prone to fires and lacking many required safety precautions. Given that the Mann Brothers have declared their sides of the facility as separate entities, the government has advised that...
  9. onra77

    boatride a3

    Hello people, This is my second full scale map ever, so be gentle please. This map is a single stage payload, inside a building. The plan is to design it as a theme park ride. The map starts at an embarcation for the ride for the BLU team, and the read team can defend through maintenance...
  10. Da Spud Lord

    Scorched Earth (PL) A3

    Somewhere in New Mexico, the sun sets on a quiet Pueblo village... Well, we assume it was quiet before our favorite mercenaries came and started littering the place with bullet casings and explosions. Now this village is a warzone harboring a Red mining base, and your job is to either assist or...
  11. P

    Torrid A6

    Here goes another file from my dusty account. This part of the map is actually an unused third stage of pl_dampvalley before turning it into an unique plr_ stage.
  12. Pigzit

    pl_pigzit72 a4v9

    My entry for the 2018 72 hour summer jam. Notes: You will have 15 seconds to leave a previous spawn room after a point has been captured. Otherwise you will get trapped. This will have to do until I can get teleports working. Major changes have been made since the previous version I had...
  13. Pigzit

    pl_pigzit72 a28

    My entry for the 2018 72 hour summer jam. Notes: The intended art style and visuals are going to be a smoggy industrial setting akin to plr_pipeline. It's currently only in a blocked out alpha however. You will have 15 seconds to leave a previous spawn room after a point has been captured...
  14. Thewtus

    Smog b1

    cp_smog is a single stage attack/defend map with an industrial theme. It features: teams, fortresses, 2 control points, trains, and other stuff. Hey, this is my first map that I'm submitting here so please correct me on any mistakes with downloads, etc.
  15. Rolex

    Canyoneside a2

    My first map created for a 72 hour jam! Although the map is in a playable state, there are a few graphical bugs I was not able to fix during the allotted time. These will be fixed in future updates after the jam. Hopefully you have fun and enjoy playing on my new map.
  16. vulduv

    pl_switchtrack A5

    payload switchtrack is a payload map with a capture point. not one of those regular ones you see all over payload maps. its a control point from regular cp maps!
  17. Stiffy360

    Lair a7b

    a7b of pl_liar. Most of the changes are of first spawn and the third point. the rest of the map hasn't changed a significant amount.
  18. Asd417

    Asym2 cp_strongboard a2_fix

    Introducing cp_strongboard_a1! The sky_goldnight_01 looks gorgeous! Thank you DaBeatzProject for making this for our community. hmmm I might need to add the third capture point...
  19. Stiffy360

    Lair a6h

    Version a6h of lair. Pretty much every point on the map has been redone a significant bit.
  20. K

    Asym2 pl_adamantium A3

    For the Asymmetric Boogaloo contest (Trust me, this is asymmetrical). This is a pretty simple map where BLU's objective is to carry the payload up BUT they figured it would be faster to send it directly up instead of carefully pushing it up the ramps. Trust me, demomen and soldiers shouldn't...