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Cairo A6a

Fight through Old Cairo and take control of a dockyard and shipping route.

A three control point Attack/Defend, Blu starts in a riverside villa, and has to fight their way through the town to ultimately take control of the Dockyard and its floodgates, taking over the river shipping routes.

  • Wooden double doors by 'Louie "Bakscratch" Turner'
  • Arabian Market assets by 'ChemicalAlia'
  • Oasis assets by 'Freyja'
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. A6a

    Quick edit to cut down on some space between A and B and change it to 2 cp for testing B.
  2. cp_Cairo_A5b

    Alpha 5b Major Changes: Increased cover coming out of attacker's first spawn, significantly nerfing a strong sightline from a box near A. Defender's overlook on B has been adjusted. Half of the overlook is now a balcony, and most of the arches...
  3. cp_Cairo A5

    Alpha A5 Big changes all over. Major Changes: Point A: Cut out some space between spawn and the point, moved the setup gates forward. Removed the one-way in the building, removed the ledge flanking the statue, added a railing to prevent...

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Different take on the formula, love it!