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Staggering Rock a16c

Four point payload map, featuring Rocks

A four point payload map that I hope staggers the rocks mind. Featuring rocks.

Nothing too crazy layout wise, just hoping it's fun to play.

blu.png A.png B.png C.png D.png rocketvista.png cliff.png
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 16c

    Small adjustments to respawn times and timer lengths, to prevent B (and to a lesser extent, C) from being rolled after A. Adjusted the bridge at A to (finally) feature a roof to prevent stickyspam over it. Also added a brush to completely block...
  2. Alpha 16

    Few structural changes, I think the layout is close to done (even though it aint perfect, but whatev, I enjoy playing it). The only place that could really need changes is D, and maybe C. I did a fair bit of detailing, so it seems to me that the...
  3. Alpha 15 fix

    fixed upload bug