pl_tower a7

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pl_tower a7

It's been a month. During that time, I "worked" on a new layout. It's now done.

A7 is here! I fixed the spawns!

Note that since A4, I redesigned the original pl_tower, so A4 is essentially an A1.

In A4, I tried to fix the problems the previous map had which included being too cramped, having awful Sniper sightlines and being generally not very TF2-like.

For A5, I doubled the intensity of the map's lights, changed A to have a high-ground area that leads to BLU's first spawn, changed C to be easier to attack and took 1920x1080 screenshots (which are still up oops)

I'll probably have run out of steam by A6, so expect that to be the final version.

Update: I was wrong.
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  1. A7 is here! I finally fixed the spawns!

    pl_tower has a bit of a problem. Or, it did. Since A4, the spawns have been utterly stupid, making any changes I make to B or C essentially useless since the spawns just make it so unfun. For A7, I went and changed the spawns a whole bunch to try...
  2. A6 - An update that's coming out

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