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  1. Trooffe

    cp_nehtol a1

    BLU is trying to get into their hands a giant stocks of steel. So they want to try at night.
  2. DanMann

    cp_amplitude v1.2

    So here are a few main points for this map: * This is a basic control point map with a small twist. * There are 5 main points and 2 addition points (one for each team) which unlocks when the opposing team captures the middle (A) point. * These addition points are located in the basement of each...
  3. brentonimo

    5cp_nightstock a3

    Alpha version 1 Inspired by grocery store of the lore appropriate era. Any and all feedback is appreciated!
  4. Sonoma

    Rivet rc2a

    R I V E T BLU and RED battle for each other's "decommisioned" industrial complexes, though we all know that behind the facade of abandoned machinery and metal buildings they house spying bases and weaponry. Please give feedback! Pics of RC2
  5. d3adfin

    ctf_badwater b6

    ctf_badwater is an improved version of a map i found on gamebanana by confidence_man that slightly changes the map's geometry to make it better suited for the gamemode this map uses a modified version of pont's ctf timer logic (as well as a whole reartpass)
  6. Heili

    Shoplift (SZF) V1C

    It's One Way to Kill Time *Shoplift requires SZF 4.1.2 or newer to run multi-stage maps* Scavenge through to the heart of an abandoned mall where rumors of the military's last evac site is said to be. Take everything you can to outlast 3 MASSIVE stages: The Garage, The Hypermarket, and The...
  7. Chains-

    Bricktown a6a

    Bricktown is a single-stage Payload map with 4 cap points. This map is a reimagined take of "Bricktown 2020" VRChat World by Roflgator and Sn0wBreeze. Some parts of town are missing/different, but I might add/change them on later updates. -Credits & Special Thanks- Thank you to Roflgator and...
  8. ShadowisCoolx3

    Koth_Gateway_A1 Koth_Gateway_A1

    this is my second map ever made, sorry if it sucks, I'm fairly new to mapping. It was also made in a rush. (3 days and a half) It really needs further testing, though, Feel free to give feedback if needed. I hope you enjoy.
  9. vetris

    cp_possess v3.1

    A halloween-ified version of cp_process. Not intended for anything serious, just thought I'd challenge myself and spook-ify some maps! I present to you... cp_possess! My 2nd map... and counting!
  10. .zip

    Sawdust a3

    Night falls and it means that blus should attack secret base of red team
  11. Vert

    Cetus a3

    First map in like, five years. Standard single-stage payload, hope it's fun to play.
  12. MastahDizzy

    Suit under the Nightfall 2020-09-06

    "Under the night, a frenchman walks through the rain As the plight keeps fading throughout a world of gain." DeviantArt Post Twitter Post
  13. Hrambelj

    Horsemann Hill B2

    Even maniacal spirits need a Vacation. It just so happens that Silas Mann owns a summer residence to haunt his visitors in. Fight over a backwoods mansion and avoid the Horseless Headless Horsemann or try to use him in your favour.
  14. Randomaspland

    Ctf_4fort_artpass A1

    An artpassed version of 4fort with the GRN, YLW, RED and BLU bases, Sewers and canals. This is version one, please report any lighting issues or bugs. This will only work for team fortress 2 classic
  15. LaughableNineSeal44

    Double Cross Pro Pro

    - A Capture the Flag map with a night theme. Type Map Double Cross Pro, the double this is competitive tournaments are do you anyone with a cross. Custom Assets: The Frontline! Pack More Vehicles by FGD5 Special Thanks: Original map made by Valve
  16. Atore

    koth_urban_b1 2020-07-27

    My first "serious" map, I only made this to experiment and learn Hammer. The map looks nice to me but the map design isn't. The whole map is just a big choke w/ no flanks. Hope you enjoy it in some way though.
  17. ics

    Erebus 2023-05-06

    Recently I spend a year to create a map Ambush. I figured why stop there. So I spent additional 2,5 months doing Erebus, a haunted version of Ambush for Halloween 2020. Still WIP so please leave your input. You can also test this on a live server by connecting to through...
  18. vetris

    Graveyard 2020-06-01

    When the evil spirits go to rest, the mercenaries come out to play! I present to you... KOTH_GRAVEYARD! My first TF2 map! Enjoy!
  19. LaughableNineSeal44

    Highrevons RC1

    Koth_Highrevons_RC1 is here! Alpine theme, l wanted to create Koth map. Custom Assets: The Frontline Pack Dusk till Dawn Skyboxes by Void
  20. zythe_

    Multi Stage darkmesa_fs a14

    a multistage payload map set at night! (only the final stage currently exists)