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trade_badsand Final

Welcome to badsand, a small beachfront town



It is an epic map set in a small beachfront town, there is no complex objective, just explore and have fun, the map contains an affordable 3-story beachfront hotel, a fast food restaurant, a classic bar, a small shop in front of the beach, an industrial garage and a fully accessible dance club and in some buildings it is possible to do parkour.

Please contact me if you find any important problems, and about the optimization it was already built with that in mind, but even so there may be some problems that I will solve in future updates, my name is griefyn and i am the developer and creator of this map.

i got some inspiration from the trade_slider_shore map

// props & assets:
  • Frontline_supply_drop_v1.3
  • JapanContentPack_1.1
  • London Pack v1.1
  • tf2m_construction_pack
  • parkbench
  • diskpack
  • bulletcropscontentpack
  • cash_register
  • switchboard
  • recordplayer_v2
  • dinerpack72hr
  • graygravelcoprops
  • poolchair
  • sinistar_jukebox
  • mikro_beach_umbrella
  • Krazy's_vehicle_pack_v7a
  • bonk_machine_prop
  • facepunch_vehicle_contest_prop_pack
  • maritime_pack
// Songs:
  • Whisky Bar – Royalty Free Blues Rock Music
  • Baltra - Never Let Go (Of Me)
  • Dave Brubeck - Take Five
  • Theme from Taxi Driver - Bernard Herrmann (Smooth Jazz Family)

/////// // And yes i did some custom textures for the map

Captura de tela 2023-01-15 035650.png


Captura de tela 2023-01-15 032745.png

Captura de tela 2023-01-15 035429.png

Captura de tela 2023-01-15 035541.png

Captura de tela 2023-01-15 035557.png

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First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. patch 1.5

    - fight club sign - fight club extension - Modified blue team building - Modified red team building - modified 3d skybox ~~~~~~~ easter eggs
  2. trade_badsand_Neon

    Major Update - added neon lights - added fight club near fast food - fixed optimization issues - fixed lighting problems - new tree model - changed soundscapes - a deposit near spawn blue - severe changes in 3D skybox

Latest reviews

Very good visually, Not much to do alone, not a lot of functionality, but interesting geometry and visuals, again. Nice ambiance