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Mannifold a4

An industrial-styled multi-stage A/D map

Mannifold is a multi-stage A/D map set inside a heavy industrial/refinery setting. The overall layout and map flow are inspired by Foundry, Dustbowl, and a few other non-Valve games.

Shoutout to Void for the lovely skybox!
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. a4 update

    - Reworked mid + ramps - Added even more cover to A - Added a second resupply to BLU spawn - Reworked ramps up from BLU spawn (bugged dots/lighting is still present) - Removed some props from B - Added a few new platforms and cover to B - Testing...
  2. a3 update

    - Opened up RED spawn even further - Added a BLU shortcut after capping A - Added an extended RED balcony, vent and cover on A - Added many dynamic doors - Added new structures, walkways and walls to mid - Replaced over-scaled jank bridge at A...
  3. a2 update

    - Tweaked both teams' spawn times - Decreased capture rate for both points - BLU spawn is now relatively normal - Opened up RED spawn a bit - Adjusted the one-way route to B (mostly visual) - Added new defensive space and ramps near B - Added a...