Fortezza b2a

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Fortezza b2a

Avanti inspired with a lil bit of Dustbowl

Stage 1 of what may end up as a 2 stage map.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. b2a

    - Lighting is now a lil brighter - Medium HP kit before A is now accessible - Changed ammo kit before B point from small to medium - Red side route into last is now a dropdown - Added more cover to last - Sentry window on last is now more open -...
  2. b2

    - Changed roof heights to make things less uniform - Re-added one way door to A flank - A flank now leads into A point building - Closed off balcony overlooking A point until A is capped - Added soundscapes
  3. b1

    - Little bit of artpass added - Removed one way door - Removed lil route down to A point - Rebalanced some HP pickups - New engi spot on A - Last is now a lil bigger - Added small health and ammo for defenders on last - More cover added for blue on A