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  1. Nalzurin

    72hr Jam 2022 Into the Breach 1.0

    Can you spot 5 Easter Eggs? Assets: Glasgow Greaves Knight's Visor Gothic Gauntlets Paladin's Heavy Plate The Warrior of Valhalla The Huscarl Expialidocious Skies Realistic Fog Weapons / Shields [Conan Exiles] Hidden Assets: *Click* And *Click* Author: Me
  2. MegapiemanPHD

    Disturbia a1a

    Lumberyard Event style arena but in the suburbs Credits: Layout - MegapiemanPHD Pickup Truck, Station Wagon, Hearse, Trailer - FGD5 London Windows and Doors - Bakscratch Hedge - Zoey, Square Graveyard Assets - Diva Dan
  3. fissile2

    cp_surplus a2

    BLU must capture all 3 points to win, and are given 7 and a half minutes for each. One point is located on the elevated platform to the left of RED spawn, and should probably be taken by blast jumping (though you can waddle up there too if you like). Point B is located in a small shack, which...
  4. Aulli

    Goldwood (Arena) a2b

    With the Original 5cp variant of Goldwood originating from a mode shift, I thought it'd only be right to give it another mode shift spinoff as I'm nearing completion. Custom assets:
  5. Sitrulus Melon

    Tondo B5E

    RED and BLU both occupied the streets of Tondo, within the facade of normal urban buildings contains ominous secrets which are chemical and weapons facility where both team operate in for world domination. countless battles occurs in the dead of night, fighting over the petty town square of...
  6. LadyBug

    Multi Stage capitol a2b

    Fighting your way through a city. Collaborators : -Lecs
  7. SnickerPuffs

    Lead (Background Map) v1

    I felt like I was on a roll with my last detail map, yet it's been nearly a year since then. Why the wait, you may be asking? That's what I want to know, too. Name (and rough layout) comes from an old map I created in collaboration with a former TF2M member. I've been thinking of remaking it...
  8. nesman

    CP Baxter

    Baxter - Blu fights Red in their nuclear power plant! Originally based on baxter state park in Maine. It now takes place in a nuclear power plant similar to the Maine Yankee, Maine's nuclear power plant.
  9. ThatMisterFoxx

    Poker Night 2021-12-20

    Team Fortress 2 Animated Loop
  10. rmstexas

    pl_Express A1

    Welcome to Express!!! Inspired by the visuals and locations of the film The Polar Express, this three-stage payload map sets out to take the mercs all the way to the North Pole (Santa not included) This map was created for TF2 Maps 72 Hour Mapping Competition
  11. Fiddleford

    72 Hour Jam sky_desertnight_01 1.0

    sky_desertnight_01 Night themed skybox that I've made for the 72hr Jam 2021. Use with credit.
  12. Kiglirs

    Hiroba a6

    A koth map in night themed after a 70's or 80's Tokyo. This isn't my 1st try of a map, but i think that's the most developped attempt i've ever done.
  13. Dupiter

    Skeletomb Event B6

    WARNING #1: This is a fairly bad map (in my eyes) WARNING #2: This map is not finished DISCLAIMER: I doubt I'll ever finish this map (Yeah it's not a good map. But still way better than my older maps.) This is a re-upload because I accidentally deleted the original version
  14. ABpriceHI45

    Hailstorm v4

    Payload Map without a checkpoint, without a overtime, with 10 minutes round time. map inspired off badwater basin and swiftwater ...swiftwater?1 currently uses the sd_doomsday rocket and yes, i had add a fade so avoid making people look at the rocket falling off lol. Set somewhere in a snowy...
  15. RC_Polygons

    Butcher RC1b

    Welcome to Butcher. Take a step into this hospital where the surgery goes awry and where the fire grows brighter. The dead corpses are rising from the ashes to take their revenge. Stop them displaying a bomb at your base. Butcher is in Hexadecimal Horrors Expert Mission: Lucid Nightmare (...
  16. ethosaur

    manor_of_fun_fix 2021-08-14

    A more stable, and fixed version of manor_of_fun, this one should work on bigger servers, with more players and mods/plugins. The old manor, was unfortunately made at a time, where I didn't know how to optimize that well, and the entity limit was already almost full, so it often ended up in...
  17. ABpriceHI45

    Multi Stage Pervade a4

    my 'attempted remake' to my old 2nd map, WOWw Multi-stage CP Map, cant explain but stage 1: A>B stage 2: A+B>C --------------------------------------------- Stage 1 inspired of cp_brooklynn ------------------------------- Custom Stuff Credits...
  18. Tagoz LFT

    koth_pipeworks b1

    koth_pipeworks_b1 Made for 4s, may work in 6s :]
  19. kevin gator

    Hive A1

    Initially made for's Straight to the Core competition
  20. Aulli

    symmetrical cp, Goldwood (Alpha, Invite)

    Made in mc13, I decided on a whim to make it a symmetrical 5 cp map. Turns out, apparently people like it? But a problem: I don't like 5 cp. Alpha 5 currently, I feel like it's about 40% or so through alpha? It's unconventional for a map of its...