1. ALIEN31

    [GUIDE][Blender] Displacement Sculpting alternative

    This is an easy way, for people (like me) that don't like or can't sculpt/use 3dsmax (with wallworm), and just want to fix things fast!!! You will need SourceOps, Lassi Vmf Importer (Optional) and Blender 2.8+ in order to use this. 1. Add a plane, and add the Multires modifier. 2. Go to...
  2. T

    Making a larger cave map

    I am making a pretty big cave map thats completely underground and I've made 2/3 of the spawns. This is my first map and I'm used to dealing with 3d modeling software because I spend alot of time working in blender. Anyhow I have a few questions. I have modeled the first 3rd of the map in cube...
  3. Dr.TwentyTwo

    Best ways to make curves and cliffs with the displacement tool

    So I'm working on the first alpha version of a map and I am having some trouble with the displacement tool. I just want to know the best way to have it curve up and make cliffs that are playable
  4. Emil_Rusboi

    [GUIDE] Making Source Beautiful Again

    Introducing So, I was inspired by 3kliksphilips video and decided to create my own guide... to how make your map more... beautiful. Disclaimer I am not professional mapper, all of these just my thoughts, advices and knowledge. Lighting Lighting is the one of the most parts of the map. One of...
  5. Hank hill

    Tips and advice on the displacment tool (how to make it look realistic)

    Hi I'm almost finished a map in alpha stage and all I need to know is displacement. I'm making a tunnel a train will go through and the control point will be on top. Easier to explain when its done. Could anyone give advice how to use it properly and make slops and bumps without the ground...
  6. FloofCollie

    [SOLVED] Skybox displacements appear differently in-game

    In Hammer, the displacement terrain in the 3D skybox is quite clearly lined up properly with the props (the props are even sunk into it a tiny bit), yet in-game it appears as though the props are floating above it. Tried recompiling, same problem. Any ideas?
  7. S

    Selected faces are not highlighted in red

    When I use the face selector/displacement tool, the faces are not highlighted with red and displacements do not show the grid. However, everything else works normally and the regular selection tool still highlights in red and shows the displacement grid. Please help. EDIT: After restarting...
  8. FloofCollie

    Two Questions (Soundscapes and displacements)

    FIRST QUESTION Okay, so, first off: I've seen 3kliksphillip's video on soundscapes, and they've worked in the past for me. I've only ever used them by placing them as prefabs from A Boojum Snark's Soundscapes library, and I noticed they often have one to four info_targets grouped with them. What...
  9. Phanpy100

    Skybox and displacements

    I wanted to do a little bit of displacements to let a area in the skybox not look so weird but when I run the map its gone! Is Can be because of leaks but i don't know Does somebody know whats wrong?
  10. Atasco

    Non-Displacement Lighting Issues

    Hello again, it's me, with more odd issues. I made a displacement for a large spytech style curved window, but the moment I went to light it, very strange things started happening. On the left is a displacement to curve where the (hard to see) glass is, and on the right is a regular old...
  11. Rock_

    Displacements Disappearing

    Hey guys, I've been having an issue with a recent map I've been working on where displacements will disappear. I can create displacement brushes, but as soon as I modify the displacement, it will disappear ingame. I'm just simply using a medium-sized level 3 displacement that seems not to work...
  12. Werewolf

    What thing(s) have you found effected displacements in your map that you didn't expect?

    If you had seen my previous thread, you'll know that I have been having trouble with displacements not being rendered when they should. Eventually I gave up and went to bed. Now having slept on it, I began thinking. While it is capable of a great many things, we know that the hammer editor can...
  13. Werewolf

    Help with "Material X does not support vertex format used by the mesh" error.

    UPDATED: Corrected a couple mistakes, updated with more accurate information To be honest I do not know if this is the cause of the problem I am having, or just a coincidence, but it has to do with displacements. So I have many displacements in my map. They are all built properly using power...
  14. Kreg

    Waterfalls, displacements, and optimization?

    Hello, I'm going to try and compact three things into this one topic for organization's sake. *First of all I'm wondering if someone could provide me with the information on how to create a waterfall in hammer. *Secondly, I was wondering if someone could provide me with a good explanation for...
  15. jony

    Displacement Causes Spikes in Geometry?

    I have a lot of displacements in my map, and the below happens seemingly randomly. The pictures show the joining of 2 different displacements by sewing, but the displacements are both flat in that area, so why does it create this spike in the geometry? Any thoughts?
  16. Yabayabayaba

    Rock work sculpting [solved]

    So I am new to hammer, and I understand the use of displacements as uneven floor, but I am having trouble with sideways displacements. I am trying to carve a spiral pit quarry, and I don't know the best way to do it. Should I use the stone props? Displacements? If so how do you make indentations...
  17. Smyther

    Displacement sinks in-game.

    https://imgur.com/a/YR4UO The orange displacement should line up with the door and choke on the left and completely cover the grey brush underneath it, as you can see in the hammer screenie, but doesn't, as you can see in the in-game screenie. What's causing this? Also the skybox sun seems to...
  18. Meebas

    Should I use displacements sparingly??

    I'm making a Versus Saxton Hale (VSH) map for a server. My inspiration was a sort of cloth-y, laundry-room type setting with patchwork and ventilation. I've been using displacements for most of the terrain and I'm afraid that it's too good to be true; aren't displacements heavy on some...
  19. CyanideNoodles

    Map Displacements Go Black When Taunting HELP

    Only a few days into the map and already running into issues.. So my displacements are level 3. When I am on them or any surface and taunt, every displacement goes black. It doesn't ALWAYS go black sometimes for certain angles it does, but it happens enough that this is a problem and I'm...
  20. A Gentleman's Mustache

    Displacements that don't look like butt

    Specifically mountainous terrain. I use the sculpting tool, pushing to be specific, but when I try to emulate natural-looking terrain, it just ends up looking blocky and awkward. Not to mention that it is incredibly time consuming, only to end up with a product that looks like it belongs in an...