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  1. FamyCHoff

    graphic bug with brush with fog texture

    There was a bug with a brush with a fog texture. If you surrender, a beetle will appear, and if you get closer to a certain distance, it will disappear. How can this error be corrected? p.s. rear if that displacement
  2. Custard1

    Oil Blends v1

    Oil blend texture for use with displacements. Uses stock vtfs so it's pretty light on file size and can be dropped almost anywhere in materials. Uses env_cubemaps for reflections.
  3. Cyberen

    Stretched textures?

    [/IMG] Anyone know why my textures are offset like this in-game when it's not the case in-engine? The texture in question has clamp T checked for aesthetics, but it only looks stretched if the texture is off-center. Why would it forget the texture placement? https://ibb.co/XtzBqQk
  4. Pdan4

    Displacement Sculpt Tool Guide v1

    And for anyone asking about my "dark Hammer theme" - I set the OS theme to Windows-Classic-style and I customized the colors.
  5. T

    Making a larger cave map

    I am making a pretty big cave map thats completely underground and I've made 2/3 of the spawns. This is my first map and I'm used to dealing with 3d modeling software because I spend alot of time working in blender. Anyhow I have a few questions. I have modeled the first 3rd of the map in cube...
  6. Dr.TwentyTwo

    Best ways to make curves and cliffs with the displacement tool

    So I'm working on the first alpha version of a map and I am having some trouble with the displacement tool. I just want to know the best way to have it curve up and make cliffs that are playable
  7. ZungryWare

    Improved Displacement Cube rc1

    You know the "Surface Normal" setting in the displacement editor window that always faces up? Turns out you can change the direction of that arrow using alt + right-click on another brush surface. This displacement cube acts as a library of face normals to quickly select. This cube is different...
  8. halloween.fan1978

    Compile Error/ Displacement Error

    What can I do to fix the displacement error? ** Executing... ** Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team...
  9. Hank hill

    Tips and advice on the displacment tool (how to make it look realistic)

    Hi I'm almost finished a map in alpha stage and all I need to know is displacement. I'm making a tunnel a train will go through and the control point will be on top. Easier to explain when its done. Could anyone give advice how to use it properly and make slops and bumps without the ground...
  10. Scampi

    Displacements refuse to sew

    It seems I can almost never get any displacements I touch to sew. The command might as well be magic to me. Even worse, at the moment I'm in a tight spot. I've got this panel on my zeppelin that refuses to join with its neighbors. If it can't be joined, I might as well just delete most of the...
  11. Scampi

    How to proceed...

    Right then. I'm making a TF2-detailed zeppelin map (probably for SFM or gmod use) and I'm using the large airship from the Frontline Asset pack as a reference for the hull shape. I'm giving it a full interior with as much detail as possible, so just using the model isn't an option. I need to...
  12. Billo

    weird shadows on props and displacements problem.

    When editing a map we usually find a place to put a rock there and it looks really cool on that place but many times you end up with a black rock instead. i am not quite sure how can i fix this annoying problem but i think just moving the prop usually helps. though many times you can't do...
  13. FloofCollie

    Two Questions (Soundscapes and displacements)

    FIRST QUESTION Okay, so, first off: I've seen 3kliksphillip's video on soundscapes, and they've worked in the past for me. I've only ever used them by placing them as prefabs from A Boojum Snark's Soundscapes library, and I noticed they often have one to four info_targets grouped with them. What...
  14. DiaBombe

    Can't turn a func_detail displacement toworld.

    I accidentally createt fun_detail displacements (even if i don't know how) but now I want to turn then back into normal brushes but can't. I have groups selectet and ungrouped all of the displacements . I can klick toworld all i want but nothing happens.
  15. The Siphon

    [TIP] Fixing glitching brushes in 3D window

    I had this problem today with my SFM map: If you have the same problem, don't worry the fix is quite simple. This error was caused by a displacement that had a nodraw texture surface. Basically it was a nodraw brush made into a displacement. To fix this, simply change the texture (should...
  16. biskuu

    Weird displacement lighting

    So I'm basically having this problem where a displacement and a brush that has the same texture as the displacement show up like this.. The only way I know in order to fix this is to convert every other brush to a displacement, but is there anything I can do so that the lighting of the...
  17. Werewolf

    What thing(s) have you found effected displacements in your map that you didn't expect?

    If you had seen my previous thread, you'll know that I have been having trouble with displacements not being rendered when they should. Eventually I gave up and went to bed. Now having slept on it, I began thinking. While it is capable of a great many things, we know that the hammer editor can...
  18. Werewolf

    Help with "Material X does not support vertex format used by the mesh" error.

    UPDATED: Corrected a couple mistakes, updated with more accurate information To be honest I do not know if this is the cause of the problem I am having, or just a coincidence, but it has to do with displacements. So I have many displacements in my map. They are all built properly using power...
  19. Simulacron

    Disappering displacment in water in the 3d-skybox

    I try to create an ocean by using the 3d-skybox, but when I load up the map parts of the displacment of the cliff and of the ground that is underwater that are in the 3d-skybox, aren't displayed if they are underwater. My map has no leaks and interlopers.net don't finds any othe problems beside...
  20. obodobear

    Problem w/ displacements

    I just recently started to make displacements in my map, I'm really new to it and after I made a couple the map would run an old version because I think I made the displacements wrong (i tried running wo/ the displacements and it worked) Anything I did wrong with these?