weird shadows on props and displacements problem.

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    When editing a map we usually find a place to put a rock there and it looks really cool on that place but many times you end up with a black rock instead. i am not quite sure how can i fix this annoying problem but i think just moving the prop usually helps. though many times you can't do exactly that. 20171025143606_1.jpg 20171022112532_1.jpg
    Sometimes you can find the same problem applying to displacements for some reason and i dont know how to fix it.

    Does anybody know how can i fix these? if yes i would be really happy if i could get a response as soon is possible. thanks.
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    First problem looks like you're not compiling with -staticproplighting and -staticproppolys in your compile settings.
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    It happens because the prop's origin is in the darkness, and while the rest of the prop might be out there, VRAD will think the entirety of the prop is dark. You can use the info_lighting entity to redefine the origin that it takes to calculate lighting for the prop, or you can make VRAD use a more precise but much slower system and calculate the lighting not only for the origin, but for each vertex individually, doing what @iiboharz told you.
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    For displacement shadow, have you destroyed the not seen faces from those?