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Canale B2


This is my entry in the Payload Checklist Contest, blu is pushing an airboat full of explosives through the canals of Venice to stop red from moving a tugboat full of explosives. I just noticed that RED and BLU both own boats full of explosives.

Canale is now on the workshop!
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Here's the checklist
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Latest updates

  1. Oh my

    So... a day before the deadline, anyone? Widened the flank at A Made the brick building near C look nice and warm on the inside Fancy structure Neato displacement walls Sloped one of the walls at A Added a cafe between B and C Made Blu's last...
  2. Beta!

    And just in time too! Blu's spawn is now fancy-shmancy Most of the area before A is detailed Shallow water The structure at c has wood now Most of the dev textures have been replaced with real texuresInterior decorating! Fancy B Red spawn is...
  3. The Custom Contentining!

    Welcome to the custom contentining! I replaced the cluster of bridges at 1st with a freaking boat Flow'rs Height variation after first Again with the height variation Extended the platform at second *Ring* Detailing Mock-up Crouch-through...