Thorium A4fix

Short payload map taking place in nuclear powerplant

  1. G.A.S.
    This map is a short payload map with 3 control points. Red teams spawn room connects to 2fort styled unused spawn room. pl_thorium was made in one week after i cancelled a map i was making for the Payload Checklist Contest and still wanted to participate. I guess this map will take the last place, but idk. (26th place is my goal)

    This map has some fake frogs to istantly kill players and a room with radioactive waste to damage players coming from the vents to pick up a healthpack

    In short:
    -First point is bad and open for random crits and with alot of sentry spots.
    -Mid point looks good bad is still bad. It's just a corridor but without a
    -Last point is also bad. You can't see S*t there.

    Also it's my first map uploaded to so eat a brick


    1. T1.png
    2. T2.png
    3. T4.png