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SeaLand 2017-07-23

The download consists of one .bsp file (map file) and two .pop files (mission files)

  1. Mazata
    SeaLand is a small factory town in the mittle of nowhere that was invaded by Gray Mann and his robot army, but no fear, Red is there to defend the small town from the robots and Gray

    Download guide:
    This map contains 2 population files that you should put in Steam/SteamApps/Common/TeamFortress2/tf, when you are the the tf folder create a new folder called "custom" if you have not already. In the "custom" folder create a folder called "pop" and in that folder create a folder called "scripts" and in the "scripts" folder make a new folder called "population" and in that folder you should put the 2 popfiles called "mvm_sealand.pop" and "mvm_sealand_expert.pop".

    The map itself called "mvm_sealand.bsp" should be placed in your "maps" folder that is located in your tf folder

    Co-Worker: KaidemonLP The Juice King: https://steamcommunity.com/id/KaidemonLP - Fixed the gamemode and fixed bugs, huge thanks!

    Email me at: johangustavsson2002@hotmail.se

    Some textures on the map are taken from the Frontline pack: http://frontline.tf/pack.html , All neeeded textures are packed into the map.

    20170722110319_1.jpg 20170721223335_1.jpg
    20170721223349_1.jpg 20170721223357_1.jpg 20170721223437_1.jpg 20170721223444_1.jpg 20170722110336_1.jpg 20170721223856_1.jpg wave1.png wave2.png