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Arrival a5

Special delivery invade-like map set in a trainyard

  1. TH3 D34DL3$$
    Enclosed trainyard where you have to blow up enemy's train while protecting your own. Bomb is located at the center of the map. Once it's picked up, opposite team has their train arrive at one of three random locations - Loading zone, Overpass and Metro. To plant a bomb, cap a point with it. Once three planted, they're exploding. If attacking team fails to deliver the bomb to train and it is returned, train will exit battle area and wait for next team to pick up the flag

    This map is entry for minor contest "Rule of Threes"


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Recent Reviews

  1. Parzivle
    Version: a3
    Still as good as when I first played it. Nice touch with the signs pointing to where the train can be at.
  2. Parzivle
    Version: a2
    I like the idea and the execution. Needs a little work.