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Intersection [MvM] RC2 Fixed

MvM map made for the Mapper's vs Machines contest, set in a modern japanese megacity.

  1. Rytu
    Made for the Mappers VS Machines Contest

    Merasmus got in trouble with the Japanese Robo-Mafia,
    Thinking he is affiliated with the Team Fortress Mercenaries,
    The Robo-Mafia is comming after the Mann Co Headquarters, and it's your job to defend it !
    So gear up, bring together your greatest warriors and Give em' Hell !

    Map features :
    -60's Japan-Styled Town surrounded by a modern City
    -A Train Station
    -Multiple Hazards
    -Hats !
    -Unique 'safezone' system to connect the map
    -Multiple Upgrade Stations for Faster Game Flow
    And much, much more !

    Link to download the zip including the MAP, NAV and both POP FILES :
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/erub4cwczw72vuc/Intersection Map Files V2.zip?dl=0

    Made by:
    Rytu - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rytugamer/
    Emolga - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Freedark/

    Screenshots :

    this one.jpg 20170721174908_1.jpg 20170721174942_1.jpg 20170721175013_1.jpg 20170721175036_1.jpg 20170721175056_1.jpg 20170721175109_1.jpg 20170721175142_1.jpg 20170721175155_1.jpg 20170721175227_1.jpg 20170721175304_1.jpg 20170721175636_1.jpg 20170721182940_1.jpg 20170721183046_1.jpg


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