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Radio Hotel a3a6

Nothing tastes better than mocking USSR on national television!

(Map is being made by Khaki Cap and BonkieBlues)

Greetings comrades.

Both of your teams have been hired by our glorious to help us construct our newest hotel we will have in this tiny region.

Desktop Screenshot 2022.01.28 -
The work has been post poned so many times due to attacks on workers. And that's not all! We need you here, because we'll be installing TV transmission tower there as well. Everyone will have a free TV coverage around the area!

And well, who know knows... I got a special secret espionage electronics hiding in the attic, so which team seizes the site and helps, the team will get it... and take those "glorious" fools down.


Andrej Andrejevič.

P.S.: Soldier, get over here and help. N O W! -Zhanna.
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