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Polis B1

City-themed map

When both teams were on a "vacation" in one of their team's HQ buildings in Mannhattan, RED Spy, annoyed by Scout's unstoppable mumbling about having to do all the boring paper work and looking at city maps and not going to a pizzeria as he was promiced by Miss Pauling, for the first time in his life took his eyes off the "Dapper Cadavar Monthly" magazine and looked out the window. The first thing he noticed was not how tiny all the rats in the streets look from up here, no. He saw the BLU Headquarters building his team was looking for several monthes! Just few streets and alleyways away from theirs! All this paper work and sitting in the office is finaly ended thanks for Scout who couldn't stop crying over the ruined vacation!


Thank you, Crow, for the icon and cubemap testing!
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King of the Hill
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Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. Beta 1 released. After 2 months in development, hopefully it would've been worth the wait

    Changes being: - Made the map look awesome - You should just check it out yourself, honestly
  2. Alpha 3 Polis update

    What did I change: - Added windows to buildings - Added water to the main route building - Changed indoors soundscape to the one from Sawmill - Made some walls thinner -Added decorative fire stairs to see if they affect gameplay
  3. Alpha 2 Polis update

    What did i change: - Made point zone a bit smaller - Rebuilt the building near point (the one that had a full medkit inside) - Added more movement options on mid - Added ambient sounds - Added rain effects - Added more healthkits and ammo packs -...