Ashcreek Valley

Ashcreek Valley 2022-10-05

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Ashcreek Valley 2022-10-05

First fully completed map of mine. Looking for honest criticism.

First map of mine, looking for criticism.
Spawn has 2 doors, leading to a courtyard, leading to 2 entries to the next courtyard, which lead to a courtyard and the point
Mr. help
First release
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed the respawn times

    Hope this makes the map more enjoyable.
  2. Some minor improvements

    Created a fallback place for the attacking team, and fixed a broken sentry spot. Working on getting the respawn times fixed.
  3. Yet another update.

    Opened up the courtyard, created barriers to provide cover, elevated the point, and created a way to get in through the top.