alpha 1

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    rundown a5a

    A bright sun shines on this factory like place, just don't stare at the sun as you might go blind. Also don't question how the factory got a truck in the garage, trust me.
  2. Portabruh

    Multi Stage Antarctica A1

    I made this in a couple hours a few weeks ago. I'm not getting it play-tested yet because I don't have access to Discord right now, but I'll play-test it when I do. I'm also not sure why I'm uploading this right now, because it's a bad map and I can't play-test it. But here, if you want to play...

    lampsided a1

    Welcome to lampsided, a map with an artificial waterfall that isnt complete yet. The cliff has a beautiful waterscape at the bottom, just be careful and dont fall in! Hope you enjoy your visit at lampside.

    Lampside a1

    Lampside is an arena map with a small water segment with bridges in the middle and two connected towers near it. The map has rocks that can be used for cover and good sniping areas. The map is perfect for anyone mobile to soar through the air.
  5. morzsiHUN

    humble base a13

    This is a work in progress small symmetrical koth map. The setting isn't decided yet, so if you have an idea write it down. Your feedback is highly appreciated.
  6. Dadema

    After Dark A2

    A symmetrical, 5 CP map set in a tropical environment.
  7. Smitty #1

    Trenchfort A2

    Welcome to ctf_Trenchfort after 69 years in development hopefully it would have been worth the wait. Thanks and have fun. (btw. This is my second map)
  8. Piggy

    koth_scrap A2

    My first ever King of the Hill map that actually functions (granted, it is still in early alpha so it doesn't look pretty)! It's a bit rough around the edges and I took a few design risks with this one so I don't exactly promise that it'll be an impressive design. Feel free to critique it...
  9. Mercia

    Metanol A3 (fix2)

    Two teams fighting in a facility filled with explosive barrels to the brim. I think that kinda fits TF2's themes and silly humour. This is my first tf2 map. ~~~ Overwiew image:
  10. loomis

    Kelso a2

    A Gravel pit style Attack/Defense map, Red must defend a cave complex and warehouse against Blu's assault
  11. Dr.TwentyTwo

    snowfield a3

    This is my second attempt at creating a map. I think this came out pretty good for a second attempt overall especially considering the disaster that was bridge town. I took heavy inspiration from highpass with this map as well as some others like harvest. I hope you enjoy the map as I haven't...
  12. [Comic]

    koth_snaketown A5

    This is my first ever map, much like other beginners I have decided to start with a koth map and to take heavy inspiration from official valve maps. My biggest inspirations for the layout would be Lakeside and Highpass, though I have mostly taken the idea of their design rather then outright...
  13. mr. piggy business

    arena_rivercross alpha_3fix

    should i put an extra flank in? please let me know what you think. alpha 3fix is after alpha 4 some complicatins with that.
  14. mr. piggy business

    arena_secondmap 2020-5-4

    this is my second map give crititism please about my map
  15. Tang

    koth_strawberry a2

    Just a map that I want to test, and hopefully complete.
  16. Screedle

    Power Tower A2

    A King of the Hill map centred around a high ground control point, with various open and enclosed walkways that encourage fast paced combat. An attempt to take a design idea I had twelve years ago and make it in to a playable map!
  17. TheFluffycart

    CTF_Drainage a1

    This map is the a1 version of Capture the Flag map, Drainage. As of right now, I still need to add: Spawn Rooms Round Timer Clipping Besides that, this is the layout I've decided on. Feel free to add criticism on it, and help me make it better
  18. DuckTheFinn

    kothiestkoth a1

    First ever released TF2 map from me, aiming to be a regular KOTH map to learn good practices and general map design.
  19. Joseph joestar

    Seacliff A4

    Seacliff is a Koth map with multiple routes to the center, where lies control point, as well as the warehouse inside a rock, which is still in construction process. It's one of my first maps ever created. My previous one had many problems with size and compiling, so I have scrapped it. This one...
  20. Tea at '5

    cp_carpaty a1

    Just the first alpha