Trenchfort A2

A standart ctf map with 90° rotation

  1. Smitty #1
    Welcome to ctf_Trenchfort after 69 years in development hopefully it would have been worth the wait. Thanks and have fun.

    (btw. This is my second map)


    1. ctf_trenchfort_a20000.jpg
    2. ctf_trenchfort_a20001.jpg
    3. ctf_trenchfort_a20006.jpg
    4. ctf_trenchfort_a20005.jpg
    5. ctf_trenchfort_a20007.jpg
    6. ctf_trenchfort_a20002.jpg
    7. ctf_trenchfort_a20008.jpg
    8. ctf_trenchfort_a20004.jpg
    9. ctf_trenchfort_a20009.jpg
    10. Screenshot (381).png

Recent Updates

  1. A2 is out! (Now with working doors)

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: A1
    Played it today in the imp and it was pretty decent. Layout gets a bit confusing at times but in general, it's not bad for an a1. Can't wait to see where this goes in the future