alpha 1

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  1. DokyDoodles

    Fann Co Alpha 1

    First map of mine that I'm uploading to the public, hope it plays well!
  2. Ponds34

    Ctf_lockdown_a1 A1

    A compact capture the flag map with close counter esc fighting with gameplay similar to ctf_tifid
  3. Octmari

    4-Team dom_sewers a2

    dom_sewers is a tf2c 4team map that takes place in a sewer, and all team's cap points have unique deadly gimmicks. meant to be a chaotic map for a chaotic mode
  4. Jarvo

    Cliffhanger a1

    Red and Blu are pitted against each other for control over the teetering buildings of a dangerous cliff face. This is the first alpha map I've made that I hope to continue work on. Alpha's might take time to push out but will hopefully get there.
  5. Audio_Crisis

    Koth_Bluebox a1

    My first ever map, and first ever submission for the 72hr summer jam! I took the middle point from koth_powerside_0a1 by tupckux
  6. Audio_Crisis

    72hour contest submission.

    This is my first map! :D It's terrible and near unplayable, not expecting to get a medal for this, but it was fun :D I'll make an actual respectable version soon-ish.
  7. Wendie

    72hr koth_925 a4

    Compact Koth map with a Cylinder in the Middle.
  8. floating hat

    pressure B1

    koth map
  9. baconandx

    de_dante_a12 2

    First version of my bomb defusal mode. This is my first map submitted for playtesting, so don't be afraid to give feedback.
  10. Hweepo

    Circular A1

    This started as an attempt at making a spiral-y 5CP map that only needed one spawn for each team. The "spiral-y" bit kinda fell apart, but I managed to pull off the rest. The result is very open, for the most part, but also very… dense? The Sniper sightlines are long, but unimportant. A...
  11. cjpho787

    Korali A2

    Trying to make a mix of Viaduct and whatever cool crazy ideas I come up with. Lets go. A1: Wanted to make a unique mid point, turned out this in particular was a bad idea... One day this will be an old, abandoned, flooded train line. God, am I proud of this pit. It should play well...
  12. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    cp_pleasedontsucklikemyothermaps a2

    Spoiler alert: it sucks like my other maps. Smallish CP A/D with 3 points. A map I've been working on for a long time, design is alright imo but we'll have to see what the playtesters think. I'll try my best to update and such.
  13. Gluten

    Dataremake A6

    I tried to do a fun koth map, one of my first experience with hammer. The name contain "remake" because it was meant to be a remake I tried to do a while ago but in the end I kept nothing from the original one. Anyways, that's my first upload here and I hope you'll enjoy the map.

    mono a1

    A small farmhouse with a silo that took a lot of effort to make working.
  15. nettmaza

    BigHouse (SCRAPPED) 2021-04-28

    koth_bighouse (SCRAPPED) is a mirrored koth map. This is my first map ever posted here and is my first working map.
  16. DogeisCut

    Engineer Town A2

    Another map of a custom game mode where you must destroy the other team's mega sentries. This time the map is much more fleshed out for the game mode!

    rundown a5a

    A bright sun shines on this factory like place, just don't stare at the sun as you might go blind. Also don't question how the factory got a truck in the garage, trust me.
  18. Portabruh

    Multi Stage Antarctica A1

    I made this in a couple hours a few weeks ago. I'm not getting it play-tested yet because I don't have access to Discord right now, but I'll play-test it when I do. I'm also not sure why I'm uploading this right now, because it's a bad map and I can't play-test it. But here, if you want to play...

    lampsided a1

    Welcome to lampsided, a map with an artificial waterfall that isnt complete yet. The cliff has a beautiful waterscape at the bottom, just be careful and dont fall in! Hope you enjoy your visit at lampside.

    Lampside a1

    Lampside is an arena map with a small water segment with bridges in the middle and two connected towers near it. The map has rocks that can be used for cover and good sniping areas. The map is perfect for anyone mobile to soar through the air.