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Dataremake A6

First map I upload, meant for casual, name is temporary.

I tried to do a fun koth map, one of my first experience with hammer.

The name contain "remake" because it was meant to be a remake I tried to do a while ago but in the end I kept nothing from the original one.

Anyways, that's my first upload here and I hope you'll enjoy the map.hammer_gseXDQMv77.png
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. Added flank routes to the point.

    The big changes of this update it that I put 2 new buildings on each side of the cap point to attempt to make the point easier to recap and let spies go from one side to another more easily. Added a mini ammo+health pack in each building. Again...
  2. Less OP roof, small healthpack close to the capture point.

    Most complaint of the last testing session have been about healthpacks and the roof being OP. -Added small healthpack near the point -Roof is a bit lower and much more flatter -Balcony has been open to help prevent camping on the roof. -Other...
  3. Big general map changes

    -Tried to make the mid bigger and more of a choke point. -Tried to make less OP sightlines. -Added a roof on the capture point. -The (near mid) one way doors are now 2 ways.