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tf-timerfix.fgd v1

Adds missing keyvalues to tf-abs.fgd added in the September 26, 2022 update

This is a very small .fgd that adds two missing keyvalues to the tf-abs.fgd that were added in the September 26, 2022 update: the "team_number" keyvalue for tf_logic_cp_timer, and the "DestroyBuildings" keyvalue for func_nobuild.

As a bonus, it includes a new, more useful description than just "Team" for tf_logic_cp_timer's new keyvalue that I wrote:


These keyvalues are in the stock tf.fgd, but since tf-abs.fgd overwrites that they will be missing if you have that installed. This is intended to be used with tf-abs.fgd. If you do not have tf-abs.fgd installed, you do not need this .fgd.

To install the provided tf-timerfix.fgd, place it in your Team Fortress 2/bin folder, then go to Tools -> Options... -> Game Configuration (in either Hammer or Hammer++) and press the Add button in the Game Data Files section, as shown below:


Credit to Valve for the info from tf.fgd, and @A Boojum Snark for tf-abs.fgd from which this was adapted.
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