saxton hale

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  1. LizardOfOz

    VSH Rotunda 2023-02-04

    With Brokk's permission, this is a gamemode conversion of koth_rotunda to VS Saxton Hale: VScript
  2. LizardOfOz

    Weapons Lab a19_23w12a

    A map for my VS Saxton Hale: VScript gamemode. At one point it used to be the same with Action Star, but going forward they're gonna be 2 different maps. This map will keep the layout, that map will keep the TV set theming.
  3. LizardOfOz

    VS Saxton Hale: VScript 23w11b

    This is a VScript Remake of VS Saxton Hale Mode. Unlike Plugin-VSH, you can pack the VScript Remake into your map, therefore such a map can be installed with ease on variety servers, uploaded to the Workshop, and potentially even added to TF2 officially. No extra plugins or resources required...
  4. extome

    Saxton Hale Noobs 2022-07-24

    Map: Mannco Map (HQ) Saxton Hale: Saxton Hale: Jungle Inferno SFM
  5. Squidant

    vsh_DeerDuct 1.0

    An experiment in Saxton Hale level design, where the main balancing comes from making sure the players AND the Hale have room to move, while also giving the normal mercs the chance to fight back. It was pretty fun to work with! Make sure to explore the horrible, close quarters ventilation system...
  6. bajablink

    Medieval Hacksaw A7

    I am Saxton Hale and I currently have no pants on. But that doesn't matter, because you can watch the raging alcoholic fight and many others inside Hacksaw. Only 500$ per ticket! I'll see you there, "Mercenary".
  7. H1gh0nSt34m

    cp_thunderlodge a1a

    Upon receiving word of his financial "success" with koth_southerncliff, Saxton Hale proceeded to obtain land in a forest at the foot of a mountain. What Saxton Hale didn't know, however, was that southerncliff merely made the equivalent of 100 USD - the numbers he saw was a different currency...
  8. mintoyatsu

    vsh_mariokart v5

    This is a new unique map designed for the VSH gamemode and is not a port. Tested with VSH2 plugin and default bosses. Map Credits: Xenon - Textures Archanor - Textures, Models
  9. Dayornight

    [VSH] Shipment V1.01

    First map I made that's not a rework of an existing map, but on the other hand it's a recreation of the "Shipment" map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I thought it would work well in Saxton Hale. Small, action packed map with some verticality thrown in there! As always, I'll try to keep it...
  10. Dayornight

    [VSH] Grid Walls Reworked V1.02

    Reworked this map in a couple of hours, thought it could use it. Improved features have been posted below! + Color coded design with arrows, allowing for easier navigation + Improved textures + Smoother door transitions + Extra props and decals + Extra health and ammo kits + Optimizations...
  11. Dayornight

    [VSH] Rats Saxy Reworked V2

    I quite enjoyed the RatsSaxy map, but thought it could use some textures, props and (definitely) some cleaning. So for the past 2 days I've been revamping this whole map and this is the result. It's also my first remake so don't go too hard on me, haha. :p Original map creator: sh1n0b1 Some...
  12. The Pansmith™

    Hydro Edifice A1

    Hydro Edifice is a Vs Saxton Hale map with two buildings with a stream separating them. Each building has difffent layout styles to them, but they do both have water. This map was meant to be released on Christmas Eve but I forgot to upload it.
  13. Ampulla of Vater

    King of the Quarry a1

    When the Mann brothers bought this section of the Badlands, they discovered not only gravel in this Quarry, but oil. Saxton Hale took over the Quarry after the passing of the brothers, and decided to make it his base in the badlands.
  14. Luther

    LEGO Saxton Hale VS Scout 2018-07-20

    My entry for the The TF2 Summer Jam 2018 Brick models and material(shaders) from: Custom decals/decoration vectors by me, using Inkscape. Which I have uploaded as bitmaps here: Rendered with the Cycles rendering-engine in blender.
  15. Brunsauce


    This is one of my first maps I've created in hammer. The map is not near being finished, this is just an early version of it (I plan on expanding the map with some new areas, or redoing some parts of it and also add much more detail). If anyone decides to test it out I'd appreciate feedback and...
  16. weapon XD

    Tattoo Saxton 2017-08-07

    Could be a poster, could be a shirt! Either way, it's an original tattoo-flash watercolor painting by DANG (aka WeaponXD to those whose uniforms I have decorated with my gibs)
  17. YoungGP

    What should I look out for when creating a VSH map?

    Are there problems with using arena_? Are there settings I need to be concerned about when making a vsh map? Any tips I should consider? Thanks!
  18. medli20

    72hr Big pack o' art (plus an art prompt)

    Yeah so I actually did a lot of small things during the 72 hour Jam instead of one big thing. First, I started (what will be) a weekly drawing prompt on /r/tf2 that will be designed to teach others how to improve their artwork. Then I drew a doofy-looking Saxton Hale: after that I drew a...
  19. jaguar

    72hr vsh_bigrock_b4 2017-02-13

    A Versus Saxton Hale / Freak Fortress 2 Map Created for the 72h Jam Medieval prefabs by Christoph Manschitz