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  1. MilkMaster

    Skirmish Final6b

    A new competitor has entered the ring, and this time he's bigger, stronger, and has a lot less fur... Return to Yeti Mercenary Park to fight Saxton Hale and put on a good show! This map requires no plugins, as everything is packed into the map file. Credits: VSH: Versus Saxton Hale Gamemode -...
  2. Brokkhouse

    Rotunda (VSH) a6

    VSH version of my WIP map koth_rotunda. Not directly related to LizardOfOz's VSH edit of the map, although it also uses his VSH Vscript. Credits to follow as map development continues.
  3. AllInTw0

    Mid Train a4

    vscript powered VSH gamemode map set in a train yard.
  4. GrassyTrams

    BadRocket A3

    Set in a Mann Co owned rocket test site, Saxton Hale fights the mercenaries to the death. This map is based off Dead Simple from Doom 2.
  5. LizardOfOz

    Penance (VScript iterations) 23w11a

    With Alecsa's permission, this is a reupload of vsh_penance intended for more rapid iteration of VSH-VScript gamemode.
  6. LizardOfOz

    Weapons Lab a22_23w15b

    A map for my VS Saxton Hale: VScript gamemode. At one point it used to be the same with Action Star, but going forward they're gonna be 2 different maps. This map will keep the layout, that map will keep the TV set theming.
  7. LizardOfOz

    VS Saxton Hale: VScript 23w18b

    This is a VScript Remake of VS Saxton Hale Mode. Unlike Plugin-VSH, you can pack the VScript Remake into your map, therefore such a map can be installed with ease on variety servers, uploaded to the Workshop, and potentially even added to TF2 officially. No extra plugins or resources required...
  8. LizardOfOz

    vsh_tinyrock 23w18b

    With Muddy's permission, this is a gamemode conversion of Tiny Rock into VSH using VScript from my Action Star map.