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[VScript] give_tf_weapon v5.1.1

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[VScript] give_tf_weapon v5.1.1

Made to make giving weapons, easy! Also supports custom weapons!

This script comes packed with useful functions for player weapons.

Comes with a readme to help you get started.

  • Function GiveWeapon() lets any TFclass equip any weapon in the game.
    • Weapons are not guaranteed to work, however. But they do spawn.
  • Weapons used by unintended classes have their arms match that class being played.
  • Function GetWeapon() can get the handle of a player's weapon.
    • Can find even passive items in slots.
  • Functions to delete, save, load any vscript-made or non-vscript made weapons.
  • Sorts every weapon in TF2 to a VScript "database". Essentially, it lists things like weapon name (i.e."Brass Beast"), the classname, the item definition index, even max reserve ammo, ammo type, what class uses the weapon, what slot they are in. And more.
    • Use function handle_player.GetWeaponTable( weapon ), or alternatively GetWeaponTableNoPlayer( weapon )
  • Supports making custom weapons. These weapons can be registered into the database using the function RegisterCustomWeapon(). Use GiveWeapon() to retrieve the weapon.

Comes with various tutorials and resources to help you get started.

Please place all files in the /tf/scripts/vscripts/ directory, and then execute give_tf_weapon/_master.nut

Special thanks ficool2 for finding the netprops to make the first weapon giving function, AddWeapon().
Special thanks @Mr. Burguers for being a wealth of knowledge, teaching me how to use vscript.
Special thanks devs of Super Zombie Fortress + SCP Secret Fortress for releasing their source code (taught me what netprops were needed for custom viewmodels).
Special thanks @LizardOfOz for feedback
Free to use and modify. Credit is appreciated but not required.
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  2. v5.0.0

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    Removed ClearEventCallbacks() from _master.nut Fixed weapons reappearing when switching to other weapons Removed "GTFW_" prefix for functions GTFW_LoadLoadout, GTFW_SaveLoadout, GTFW_DeleteLoadout. Named LoadLoadout(), SaveLoadout()...

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