texture edit

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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Black Stone pack 7/6/2022

    A collection of egypt textures i edited for use on a map, they may be of use to someone else so im leaving this pack here incase anyone else finds a use for them.
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    No Merc park logos pack 6/25/2022

    A collection of models from mercenary park that have had their logo's removed to make them more generalized props for use in other maps.
  3. Cyberen

    material modify control example map 2022-03-28

    Have you wanted to control a vmt with map logic? Material_modify_control will show you how! Check out the zip file and see how you could use this feature for your purposes! big props to duppy for the guidance, and this page which helps explain what the material_modify_control point entity can do.
  4. Emil_Rusboi

    Mining crates without dynamite v1

    Miningcrate001 and Miningcrate002 without "dynamite" sign on texture! For people who cares
  5. Startacker!

    blendrockground001 bumpmap fix V1

    The blend texture blendrockground001's VMT references a bumpmap that does not actually exist, so it ends up using a missing texture. This download supplies an alternative VMT that removed the bumpmaps from the blend texture. Installing is either putting the materials folder into your tf folder...
  6. WhoWee!

    How to make textures?

    Okay, so over the past day I've tried asking all around the discord,but no one seems to have an answer... My question: How do you make textures for tf2 from the ground up? I know how to import pictures as textures, but I have no clue how to make something that fits in the art style or how to...
  7. DirectKEK

    Applying Textures Don't Work

    (I am completely new to this, and have absolutely no experience in map making whatsoever. Please disregard anything stupid I say.) So, I made a block, chose a texture, and hit enter. The block did not get a new texture, it just went from a blue frame to yellow. help
  8. Glubbable

    Team Colored No Entry Overlays V2

    Just a basic color edit to the current no entry overlay in order to provide a blue version for blue spawns and a neutral one as a means to indicate one-way paths to players if all teams have access to said path. Depending on how its used will depend on how annoying or distracting it'll be to...