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Alpha 3 Changelog:

-Increased RD respawnwavetime.
-Cap time changed to 5, 10, 15 for A, B, C respectively.
-Some textures applied to add variety to colour palette.
-Added pipes that connect control points together.
-Added skulls on control points.
-Reworked healthkits and ammopacks around the map.
-Made a doorway on BLU spawn wider.
-Unused RED spawn doors lock on BLU cap.
-Added blockbullets on BLU spawn doors/windows to prevent projectiles and explosive damage to go through.
-Added blockbullets on upper balcony door on A.
-Added more health and ammo around point A.
-Added new entrance to A.
-Clipped some places on point A to avoid players getting stuck.
-Upper balcony door on A is now bigger.
-Made large ammo pack on A more visible.
-Made flank roof on point B building flatter.
-Removed fence on point B that faced BLU side entrance, this will hopefully ease th life of engineers.
-Added a backway to upper area of RED spawn on B.
-Added alternative routes to B.
-Clipped stairs on B.
-Changed side route to B.
-A/B entrance from BLU has been enlarged.
-Doors leading to B from A had their speed increased from 40 to 100.
-Door leading to B from A/B room had it's speed increased from 20 to 100.
-Door leading to B/C from BLU spawn area had their speed increased from 20 to 100.
-Added new path to C from B/C area.
-Unclipped area below balconies of an apartment building between B and C.
-Doors leading to C had their speed increased from 20 to 100.
-Changed glass texture on C spawn exit.
-Point C is now two-leveled so BLU team can reach capture zone easier.
-Expanded the entrance to point C to improve pushing ability of BLU.
-Garage entrance to C now doesn't have a wall separating it from the C stairs.
-C stairs now have a door connecting it to C main entrance.
-Removed bridge with large healthkit over point C.
Alpha 2 Changelog:

-Fixed HDR lighting bugs.
-Changed respawn wave times for both teams.
-Changed point cap times to 5, 12, 20.
-Added teleport triggers from irrelevant spawns.
-Added signs that poin towards objectives to help with navigation.
-Lights are not green now.
-Broken up the shed near RED first spawn.
-Reworked glass doors to avoid confusion with windows.
-Doors on point A are no longer one-way.
-Doors no longer Z-fight with floors.
-Fixed door RED spawn B not playing open animation.
-Fixed missing detail on B flank.
-Clipped off the roof on point A entrance to remove broken sniper spot.
-Added more health and ammo packs around the map.
-Expanded window on second point.
-Replaced double no entry entities with one.
-Additional resupply cabinet on the last RED spawn.
-Reworked area that connects underpass from BLU spawn and point C.
-Added second door on last RED spawn to temporarily fix the sightline issue.
-Expanded entrance to point C.
-Extended point C.
-Added new entrance to point C.
-Removed collision from funny skeleton on RED last spawn.
-Skeleton is arguably funnier now.

The lights were green because I am colourblind and not because it displays radiation.
Blooming was caused by bad compile settings, I didn't check them since I didn't map for a couple of years.
This is not a troll map. I like to engage in a little bit of tomfoolery and I did make troll maps before, but this is not the case, trust me.