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  1. Zacco

    Twine (Stage 1) A5

    RED is hiding secrets beneath the ground north of the arctic circle, can BLU blow them up?
  2. Barion

    Taigalab a3

    Map set in a lab deep down in Siberia. The lab used to processes Australium into Chugunium alloy the experimental weaponry that resurrected the dead. Red is fighting for Oleg Krasnov, ex-member of the research tean who doesn't want the experimental data and remaining chugunium to get into the...
  3. cakedon

    Depot (Control Points) 0.6

    I got a late start to this Jam and this may or may not be the main factor in not finishing this. Might just classify this as Scene Decoration, or something like that. Anyways, in its finished state, this would be a CP map with 2 control points (budget's a beach) set in a snowy valley on a foggy...
  4. FamyCHoff

    Winter Harvest Smissmas 2022! 2022-07-24

    reskin of the official tf2 map under the winter theme! Saved default textures. thanks for the content from the site "tf2maps":
  5. MC_Labs15

    Nepal a27

    A complete redesign of my old map, "Thermo" ( Set near the peak of a snowy mountaintop, push the cart into a secret laboratory concealed within and destroy the dastardly experiment inside! Thanks to Nesman for the turntable prefab
  6. nesman

    Baxter a5a

    Baxter state park. The tallest mountain in Maine has a secret base inside of it that Blu team wants.
  7. KrazyZark

    Snow covered prop pack V1

    I will eventually add more in an update, suggestions will be added to a list for the next bunch. Also comes with a vmf with all of the snow props and there counter parts. Have fun using them!
  8. Gravidea

    Hiver Tower b3

    This map reskin is heavily inspired by the maps below. Check them out!: Ismaciodismorphus - Player Destruction Pipeline (Another Payload Race map transformed into a Player Destruction map, inspiring me to make this!) Defcon - Altitude (Heavily inspired the lighting, skybox, and theming on this...
  9. Call_Me_Meme

    Koth Snowhill A1

    My 2021 Winter 72Hr Jam Entry. Snowhill is a King of the Hill map (With mirrored Symmetry, though in hindsight, that was probably not the best idea). I'm a bit late uploading this because Hammer kept getting stuck on compiling, so I can only really upload the VMT file to view in hammer Edit...
  10. 1AsianPanda

    A BLU Christmas 2021-12-19

    Here's a poster I made of my 4 most played classes as blu mercs enjoying a nice Christmas together. I chose not to use any cosmetics as I think they just look better with their default look. It's been a while since I last touched sfm, and while I had some problems, I'm really happy at how it...
  11. SreDver

    koth_rilsk A1

    Another koth map from lazy creator :D I will try to continue this map Map is located in Norilsk. 4small ammo 2medium helthkit 2small helthkit Credit: Idolon ======= Jusa ======= boomsta...
  12. MastahDizzy

    Pyro Style 2021-12-19

    My submission to the 72-Hour Jam of 2021 ! DeviantArt Link Twitter Link Steam Profile
  13. xmas

    Cabin Fever 2021-12-18

    This really serves no gameplay purpose, it just looks nice. Christmas with the mercs, looks like demo was the only person on the nice list.
  14. Yuki

    72hr Jam entry

  15. sz(k)

    Santa's Sleigh 2021-12-18

    Simple Gmod poster of santa delivering gifts.
  16. wersady

    Icy Storm [Unusual Effect] 12/18/21

    Icy Storm, an unusual effect I made for the 2021 Jam. I'm very new to making unusual effects but I think it turned out pretty alright. ---Installation--- In steam, right click TF2 and hit "Properties..." In the launch options, add "-tools -console" Now, launch TF2 and the tools editor...
  17. PootisGodAnimations

    The Snowball effect 2021-12-18

    Pyros discovery of the snowball effect... literally. The quest on making a giant snowman for pyro didn't go as well as pyro probably planed. Had fun making it! Will definitely make another tomorrow. Added a small reference to the EOTL animation with the heavy and the medic. If you wanna watch...
  18. ⸸⛧Luzifer⛧⸸

    Ski Backpack (72 hour Jam 2021) 2021-12-18

    The zip file contains the 2 models (ski_red and ski_blu). I imagined that item to be a winter themed backpack. I tested it on a sniper model and I found it fits very well. The zip files contains transparent images of the red and blu logo which you can find on the models and it contains a image...
  19. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Weather Report a2b

    The mercs fight through various seasons and weather for control over a weather station! This is a 3-stage KOTH map where the layout for each individual stage is mostly the same, the main differences being the season and weather, with some minor layout differences to go with each one to make...
  20. Cool_Username07

    Hi :)

    Although I just joined, I understand how this place works. Glad to finally have an account. I created this account to promote a revival of the Arctic Pack, so why not do it here? Feel free to add stuff idk you're all editor go bananas...