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Taigalab a4

Map set in a lab deep down in Siberia.

Map set in a lab deep down in Siberia. The lab used to processes Australium into Chugunium alloy the experimental weaponry that resurrected the dead. Red is fighting for Oleg Krasnov, ex-member of the research tean who doesn't want the experimental data and remaining chugunium to get into the hands of Saveliy Sinitsyn, who claims that it is Krasnov who wants to use the research to make himself immortal and BLU team and him are trying to destroy the last remaining Chugunium. I guess, we will never know the true motives of these great minds.
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 4

    Alpha 4 Changelog: -BLU spawn has been extended. -Added func_nobuild on capture points. -Added more health and ammo around the map. -Relocated a clusted of BLU spawn point into a new area. -RED spawn on B has been moved to a different location...
  2. Alpha 3

    Alpha 3 Changelog: -Increased RD respawnwavetime. -Cap time changed to 5, 10, 15 for A, B, C respectively. -Some textures applied to add variety to colour palette. -Added pipes that connect control points together. -Added skulls on control...
  3. Alpha 2

    Alpha 2 Changelog: -Fixed HDR lighting bugs. -Changed respawn wave times for both teams. -Changed point cap times to 5, 12, 20. -Added teleport triggers from irrelevant spawns. -Added signs that poin towards objectives to help with navigation...