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  1. Mr.pep

    72hr Jam 2023 Moneypit A2

    The mercenaries have been sent a letter by Saxton Hale (and totally not a robot) to burn all his money and life savings. Without question they oblige. My first ever entry into a 72hr jam! Enjoy. :jimijam: Steam Profile: This map uses...
  2. 14bit

    Stronghold B3A

    Amidst snowy peaks, a spooky stronghold is all that stands between you and the zombie horde. Keep alert and keep warm, and maybe you'll have what it takes to survive! Vote for Stronghold on the workshop today! This map is for the Zombie Infection Vscript mode! Zombie Infection Mode- @Diva...
  3. floating hat

    snowy taiga A1

    i just really wanted to make a snowy map and something other than koth
  4. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Doomtrain's Smissmas in July Gameday!

    Looking for a break from the fun in the sun and the scorching heat of Summer? Do you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are sick to death of cold weather and snow? If you're the former, well you've come to the right place! If you're the latter, well too bad! Cuz coming your way are 11...
  5. Boba

    GUMP Particles v1

    An assortment of particles I made for GUMP, perfect for frosty/arctic themed maps. Bubbles A tilable sheet of bubbles. bubbles_256_parent Ventilation frost Some frosty ventilation exhaust. icevent_parent Static flares Some wobbly, team-colored flares meant for static environments...
  6. Ismaciodismorphus

    VSH_Pipeline a1

    Pipeline Stage 3 Saxton Hale Credits: LizardOfOz - the original VSH Plugin, VSH VScript recreation, promotional material. Maxxy - Saxton Hale's model imitating Jungle Inferno SFM, custom animations, promotional material. Velly - VFX, animations scripting, technical assistance. JPRAS - Mayann...
  7. H

    Advance A1a

    My first attempt at making a map for a gamemode that isn't KoTH. Also my first map that wasn't made for events (like the 72hr Jam), and was actually made just because I felt like it. It's a simple 3-point A/D map. I hope I can improve this map even more and detail it in the future. Enjoy for now!
  8. MurrajFur

    Everest 1.0

    Hi. this is one of the first maps I've ever made and still have no idea what I'm doing. I've learned a lot over the course of it's creation, and I'm very happy with the result This map is the result of a lot of different ideas that just kind of made their way into my head. It's a very vertical...
  9. Zoomspilo

    Theseus Alpha 6

    This is my first time making a payload map! It's got: a payload cart, tracks for it to run on, points for BLU to capture, and spawn rooms for the players to spawn in. What's that? Good gameplay? Hmm, nope, that one's not on my checklist. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be fine.
  10. Ismaciodismorphus

    Cryo Assets 1/17/2023

    A collection of assets i made for cryo
  11. Gruppy

    Iced a6

    Deep within the arctic, players fight over an abandoned research facility. Started out as a KoTH mid then turned it into arena.
  12. Ismaciodismorphus

    Cryo a4

    There is no gimmick because the map is on the brushside brink limit its hydro but snowy and there are trees
  13. Aarmastah

    Lumberyard Snowy a1

    arena_lumberyard with snow and Diva Dan's arena mode hybrid thing from arena_lumberyard_event. Very much a work-in-progress and proof of concept Uses materials and particles from Diva Dan and yrrzy
  14. Zacco

    Multi Stage Twine (Stage 3) A2

    RED is hiding secrets beneath the ground north of the arctic circle, can BLU blow them up?
  15. OctoBlitz

    Newsie a7

    A dual entry into the TFConnect and Territorial Domination contests! (Placed 7th and 10th respectively ) Newsie takes place at the Headquarters of the Teufort Times, the local newspaper chain has been floundering as of recent, however its reporting of the Gravel Wars has sent it skyrocketing in...
  16. zythe_

    zythefestive a11

    map made for the tfconnect contest! festive tree thingy.
  17. Entity Report

    Cold Quarry A2

    Do you remember? The 21st night of September?
  18. Gruppy

    Falling Ash Particle v1

    Particle sprite ported from EP1 env_ash
  19. pont

    ctf_giants basalt assets 1

    sticks of rock as seen in ctf_giants. not to be confused with the traditional british seaside cylindrical boiled sweets of similar name. good luck rotating these all individually so you don't get texture tiling. it is an arduous process. THIS CONTAINS: - basalt column static props, under...
  20. Alex.bsp

    Snowyfest b1

    Harvest but its snow and the building in mid changed!