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  1. Barion

    Taigalab a4

    Map set in a lab deep down in Siberia. The lab used to processes Australium into Chugunium alloy the experimental weaponry that resurrected the dead. Red is fighting for Oleg Krasnov, ex-member of the research tean who doesn't want the experimental data and remaining chugunium to get into the...
  2. Cindycomma

    ARENA Crosstalk

    Cindycomma submitted a new resource: Cindyiscold - brrr! Read more about this resource...
  3. Perry

    Chiller RC4

    One Halloween night, A celebration of all that is spooky, and kooky: An alarm blairs, Hell has frozen ove- Literally. B.L.U, wanting to seeze their opertunity to gain entrance too an unlimited source of Hell power, rush to arms. While R.E.D, putting their party hats down; they grab their guns...
  4. Khuntza

    Mirrored Maps - pl_tsaocywons b1

    Team Fortress 2 maps mirrored as accurately as possible to their originals. Right becomes left, left becomes right, giving maps we know like the back of our hands a fresh take. It will mess with your head! Mirrored especially for the 2022 72Hour Summer Jam. This map contains several new...
  5. cakedon

    Depot (Control Points) 0.6

    I got a late start to this Jam and this may or may not be the main factor in not finishing this. Might just classify this as Scene Decoration, or something like that. Anyways, in its finished state, this would be a CP map with 2 control points (budget's a beach) set in a snowy valley on a foggy...
  6. MilkMaster

    London Fort (72 Hour Jam) 2022-07-25

    2Fort, but with more than just a new coat of paint. London Fort is a reimagining of 2Fort made for the Summer 2022 72 Hour Jam, utilizing many assets from the London and Frontline asset packs. The layout is familiar yet different. Uses assets from The London Pack and The Frontline Pack.
  7. zythe_

    chimney a7a

    invade ctf map with funny Christmas chimneys and shit
  8. Ismaciodismorphus

    Snow Bite a4

    A snowy mvm map with a chance for a snowstorm to happen. Made for Grizzly Berry's 10 day mapping contest
  9. Ismaciodismorphus

    Blizzardworks Deathmatch a1

    Fight in the middle of a blizzard Blizzards happen around every minute or so Weapon roster x1 Nailgun x1 Burst Rifle x1 Lightning gun x1 Revolver x1 Tommy gun x1 Grenade launcher x1 rocket launcher x1 flamer x1 railgun x1 chaingun x1 quad launcher x1 coach gun Power Ups x1 Krit X1 Cloak
  10. Rhamkin

    Koth_Icicle (Koth_nucleus event) a1

  11. Rhamkin

    Winterview V2 (outdated go check fishview) a10

  12. KrazyZark

    Snow covered prop pack V1

    I will eventually add more in an update, suggestions will be added to a list for the next bunch. Also comes with a vmf with all of the snow props and there counter parts. Have fun using them!
  13. zythe_

    frostlands b2

    snowy reskin of the classic tf2 map badlands, but now also ctf!!
  14. zythe_

    muskox v2 a1

    a remake of cp_muskox, hopefully better this time...
  15. Gravidea

    Hiver Tower b3

    This map reskin is heavily inspired by the maps below. Check them out!: Ismaciodismorphus - Player Destruction Pipeline (Another Payload Race map transformed into a Player Destruction map, inspiring me to make this!) Defcon - Altitude (Heavily inspired the lighting, skybox, and theming on this...
  16. Mess About

    hypothermia a12

    supposed to be my 72hr Winter Jam 2021 entry, but I underestimated the amount of time needed to finish it and missed the deadline (also didn't want to make a half-ass, just-get-it-done map either) so here we are, 10 days later. I tend to underscale map in fear of sniper sightlines, so this time...
  17. Call_Me_Meme

    Koth Snowhill A1

    My 2021 Winter 72Hr Jam Entry. Snowhill is a King of the Hill map (With mirrored Symmetry, though in hindsight, that was probably not the best idea). I'm a bit late uploading this because Hammer kept getting stuck on compiling, so I can only really upload the VMT file to view in hammer Edit...
  18. Clone5184

    Snowy Cliff A1

    I think this is the most sense one of my map names has ever made. A King of the Hill map that takes place on, well, a snowy cliff! Features a number of different routes to take, some more dangerous than others.
  19. Erk

    Cabin a1

    Nice little snowy cabin scene for the 72hr Jam since I don't have that much experience with snowy assets. Cubemapped, Soundscaped, and Skyboxed. Hopefully packed. Happy Jamming! Big thanks to Exactol for the custom Chimney...
  20. myria

    Nabisco 72Hr Jam a5

    Snowy cabin and oreo themed ultiduo map! Contributors: