Synthetic rc6a

KOTH in some kinda chemical plant thing

  1. Is asymmetrical detailing a good idea?

    -pushed back angled stairs by second transitional building
    -opened up walls inside 2nd transitional building to make it feel less cluttered and awkward
    -changed 1 way windows at 2nd transitional building to see through glass so people can see the med health and ammo in that building from the point area
    -changed stairs on the right side of 1st transitional building coming from spawn
    -simplified 1st transitional building in hopes of making it feel less cluttered
    -simplified left exit of 1st...
  2. uh...yeah

    -fixed missing health & ammo on blu side of map
    -added small ammo kit at mid
  3. The Competitive Update

    -changed med ammo in tunnels to small ammo
    -changed weird wire shed thing by spawn building to just be some concrete walkway area thing
    -fixed clipping around map
    -added barrels by pipes by tunnel
    -Widened sign on 2nd transitional building to block weird lil sightline to first transitional building.
    -changed respawn time after point is caped. Attackers now have a 6 sec respawn and defenders have an 8
    -removed health pack 'n ammo on left side of 1st trasitional building
    -edited stairs out of...
  4. some interesting changes

    -shortened 2nd transitional building in order to make it quicker from spawn to point
    -lowered overall point height and added some mid height variety around point (may reverse this depending on how it plays)
    -some detail work
    -moved angled wall of side building by point to block extensive sniper sightlines
    -edited ramps to point and underground flank to fit the changed space from the angled building
    -added signs by point
    -other things I don't remember
    -changed skybox and env_lighting


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  5. Update Title

    -changed up mid and the spawn area a bit.
  6. Like so much different stuff its like a new map, but not

    -shortened first transition building in order to lower walk time to point
    -widened point area
    -squared off upper platforms by point
    -changed height variation by spawn and first transitional building to be more in favor of the spawning team
    -remade a lot of the first transitional building to give the spawning team more height advantage in order to stop whoever owns the point from pushing into the spawn area.
    -removed second env_light that existed for some reason
    -remade skybox brushes...
  7. Operation Cranium Precipitation

    Really excited about this update. I feel like I did some good stuff here. Hope it ends up being good.

    -lowered overall accessible highground
    -fixed players being able to cap the point while on the roofs
    -changed angled brush with cylinders on it by mid to be a path into that building
    -fixed multiple clipping issues and misaligned brushes
    -extended stairs in lower flank to fit the width of the hallway instead of leaving a lil nook
    -moved player spawn to be more in the middle of the room so...
  8. stupider

    -fixed version number
  9. stupid

    -attempted to fix lighting for both ldr and hdr