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Synthetic rc6a

KOTH in some kinda chemical plant thing

  1. MegapiemanPHD
    Runner up in the Meet your Map competition, Synthetic is designed for both competitive and casual play. Inspired by other competitive maps, such as Arctic, Product, and Coalplant, Synthetic offers a variety of gameplay styles with a focus on verticality and flank routes.

    Map Development Playlist:


    TF2 maps Thread: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/synthetic.5573/

    Teamwork.tf Thread: http://www.teamfortress.tv/48356/koth-synthetic

    Gamebanaba Thread: https://gamebanana.com/maps/202282

    -Layout and custom sign textures - MegapiemanPHD
    -cp_mist silo prop by Hutty
    -Custom Railroad Track props by Gadget
    -SFM Beta content by Valve
    -Pie model by Squeezit
    -TV test texture by Ducksink
    -Industrial pipe fix by Pont


    1. 20191124204127_1.jpg
    2. 20191124204208_1.jpg
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    13. 20191124214552_1.jpg
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    17. 20191124214643_1.jpg
    18. 20191124214713_1.jpg
    19. 20191125002918_1.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowMan44
    Version: rc6a
    Pretty good koth map, the point is nicely designed with the angles in mind. The flankroutes are pretty fine and the texturing has no issues.

    Solid map, would like to see it in official tf2 someday.
  2. Gravidea
    Version: rc6a
    Keeping it short and sweet; it's a lovely KOTH map! Simple to navigate and understand, and fun to play on. I've played it on the servers I moderate, and on a lot of other servers. It must be pretty well liked!
  3. Nixon
    Version: b22
    Extremely fun map. Every time I've played it, I've always have had fun. I would love to play it in 6's
  4. KingOfNova
    Version: b19
    it has been lots of fun playing the map keep up the good work