synthetic rc6a

KOTH in some kinda chemical plant thing

  1. Stuff

    -thickened some walls from 8hu to 16hu
    -fixed zfighting at red spawn
    -changed some textures
    -removed sign on wood plank in 1st transitional building
    -other stuff I don't remember
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  2. A map isn't ever really finished

    -clip fixes
    -fixed players being able to stand on some roofs
    -some detailing
    -fixed fade distance on some props


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  3. one step closer

    -split first transitional building into 2 areas instead of one long connected area to try and stop enemies for using that area as well as they sometimes do
    -solidified all awnings in the map
    -added awnings to blu spawn
    -added awnings to mid
    -removed arrow signs on upper area at mid
    -edited clipping around silos so it now fits the shape of the silo instead of being a square
    -added things by those silos so the area makes sense
    -raised bottom floor of 2nd transitional building
    -edited ceiling...
  4. Cloudface

    -added a sun so it's like the real world.....wooooooooooow man
    -changed railing on stairs in the side buildings by the point so they block a dumb sightline n such
    -skybox detailing
    -moved stuff outta da skybox and into da main map to stop odd shadow bugs. Then detailed those areas to look nice n pretty
    -removed concrete platform in front of spawn rooms to shorten the map overall by a bit. Maybe it's not so long now?
    -uh.....what else did I do
    -OH, I removed the color correction...
  5. meet your map fixes

    -fixed bad clipping on red's 2nd traditional building
    -fixed weird skybox transitions by putting parts of the skybox in the main level
    -fixed the visable nodraw in one of the buildings by the point
    -some optimization attempts
  6. dumb

    -compiled with clipping ON -__-
  7. Meet Your Map

    -big thanks to Huddy for the custom silo prop
    -added 3D Skybox
    -fixed asymmetrical detailing that effected the layout
    -got the map all nice n ready for the meet your map copetition
    -split spawn room floor so now there are stairs up and stairs down. This is done in hopes of making both spawn exits look just as useful and making players use both instead of favoring one over the other.
    -attempts to optimize the map


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    11. 20180426230337_1.jpg
  8. Fixes

    -fixed unsolid props that should be solid
    -changed lighting in red spawn to be more yellow-orangy instead of white
    -change some other lighting as well
    -added bullet blocks to wooden struts under 2nd transitional building
    -did the same for the rounded area coming out of the left side of red's 1st transitional buildings while also adding some wire. This should make it the same as blu side now
    -moved window on blu's 1st transitional building's upper left side to be farther away from the angled...
  9. Dev Texture Genocide

    -more detailing
    -did I mention detailing
    -lighting pass
    -added arrow billboards to upper areas by point to block a nasty sightline from the window up there to 1st transitional building
    -changed stair setup for stairs to lower area in buildings next to point so they are less steep
    -added soundscapes
    -still haven't done a 3D skybox
    -other stuff I don't remember


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  10. oh crap

    -fixed missing ammo and health pickups on red side of the map >__>