Synthetic rc6a

KOTH in some kinda chemical plant thing

  1. Is it right now

    compiled with clipping TURNED ON
  2. I'm dumb

    updated the download to actually be b19 instead of b18
  3. chchchchcchanges

    -changed that drop down thing in the 1st transitional building again so it's not ugly and dump, should also help with optimization now
    -closed window at upper mid area so it can now only be shot through instead of walked through
    -added some cover to fix odd sentry spot in buildings by mid point
    -closed in bottom path of 2nd transitional building as to get rid of some dead space and funnel players towards health and ammo pack locations, this should also help with optimization
    -moved around...
  4. Did I go too far?

    -changed upper mid area to be smaller so it's less useful to defenders while still being useful to attackers
    -added ramp to railing in first transitional building in replace of arrow sign that was there a while ago
    -pushed back area under railing and ramp in 1st transitonal building (both this and the last update are done in order to restore cover to that area that was lost when the arrow sign was removed while making player routes through that area smoother)
    -some other things I...
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  5. It's more like this than that, ya know

    -edited detailing of 2nd transitional buildings to make them a more similar to decrease asymmetrical rocket jumping abilities.
    -added cover to upper platforms at mid
    -lowered point "hill" area a bit
    -edited mid point to fit the new height
    -edited some textures on side buildings by mid
    -changed background detail in first transitional buildings to look more like they are outside the play space
    -fixed clipping issues around the map
    -changed that sign Defcon doesn't like
    -added small path from...
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  6. I dunno what to call these updates

    -fixed clipping issues on pipes by mid
    -fixed missing texture on chair in red tunnel
    -fixed perch on wooden structure at blu spawn
    -other small things hither and thither
  7. Stuff 4 - Stuffnado

    -added clipping to ceiling of side buildings by the point
    -fixed clipping issues throughout the map
    -edited lighting values in multiple places
    -changed detailing in tunnels to make them more distinct from each other
    -changed doorway from inside tunnels to outside so it should be less likely to get stuck on when rocket jumping out of
    -fixed sticky bombs explosion going through awnings at mid
    -changed detailing of upper blue side building at mid to match upper red side building
  8. Thanks for all the feedback

    -changed grate texture to no longer allow explosions through it
    -fixed clipping issues
    -some optimization
    -detailing in 1st transitional building for blu
    -fixed shadow and lighting issues
    -removed health from side building by mid
    -removed small ammo at mid
    -changed health in 2nd transitional building to small and changed health outside the mid side building to a medium
    -fixed prop fade issues
    -general detailing
    -changed wooden planks leading onto upper catwalk between 1st and 2nd...
  9. stuff 3 - The Third Course

    -fixed lighting bugs
    -redid optimization in an attempt to make it not suck
    -detailing hither and thither
  10. Stuff 2: The Stuffening

    -fixed custom silo props being full black when using medium texture settings or lower
    -thinned roof brushes
    -made flank route at mid smaller
    -attempts at optimization
    -attempts at detailing


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