Synthetic rc6a

KOTH in some kinda chemical plant thing

  1. oops

    -fixed missing wire brush on red side near mid
  2. That one

    -Fixed one overlay. Just one. That one! That one right there! You know the one!
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  3. Make me pretty

    -detailing changes
    -optimization improvements
  4. More competitive input

    -clipping fixes
    -moved silo to create a covered path into garage area
    -redid upper hut by mid to change around sight lines
    -added opaque windows that change when the point is capped
    -added metal panels to block a sight line on the upper bridges by mid


    1. 20190407222728_1.jpg
    2. 20190407222846_1.jpg
  5. The Highlander Update

    Big thanks to Alto and his crew for testing, feedback, and suggestions

    -moved doors to garage at mid
    -lowered indoor garage area beside the point to make sniping from one garage to the other less powerful
    -edited underground flank to fit the new garage layout
    -fixed some lighting issues
    -fixed some clipping issues
    -blocked more sniper sightlines that let him cover both exits from the opposing teams 1st transitional building by standing at the top of the stairs from the tunnel...
  6. Competitive Feedback Implementation

    -changed geometry around mid to open it up more and give more interesting high ground in an attempt to make the point stronger
    -changed indoor mid side areas (nicknamed garage) to be less advantageous in an attempt to make players want to be on point instead of in those areas to hold mid
    -minor detail changes
    -edited environmental lighting
    -changed skybox clouds to use func_rotating now that it's working in game
  7. Hey, I forgot to turn clipping on

    -compiled map with clipping
    -fixed some lighting problems
    -added mission briefing photos
  8. Random Critz 2

    -clipping fixes
    -detail changes
    -lighting improvements
    -moved signs at mid to help flow while still giving cover


    1. 20181021152821_1.jpg
  9. Fresh out the oven

    -detail pass
    -lighting pass
    -clipping pass
  10. Mom, Am I pretty?

    -clipped some edges and closed off that odd spot on top of the barrels under the big pipes by mid
    -changed detailing to use more uniform details on blu side as well as try to make it feel more farm like
    -slightly changed lighting to help with shadows
    -edited displacements to lower the amount of flower sprites throughout the map so it's not so ridiculous looking