synthetic rc6a

KOTH in some kinda chemical plant thing

  1. The Highlander Update

    Big thanks to Alto and his crew for testing, feedback, and suggestions

    -moved doors to garage at mid
    -lowered indoor garage area beside the point to make sniping from one garage to the other less powerful
    -edited underground flank to fit the new garage layout
    -fixed some lighting issues
    -fixed some clipping issues
    -blocked more sniper sightlines that let him cover both exits from the opposing teams 1st transitional building by standing at the top of the stairs from the tunnel flank.
    -Switched which window is open and closed for the upper room at mid
    -removed barrel props to get up to upper room at mid and replaced it with a more substantial structure
    -fixed some block bullet issues
    -reopened lower path through 2nd transitional building (may not stay open, we will see


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