SB 14bit A2A

An experiemental Smash Bros map for detailing practice

  1. 14bit
    An experimental Smash Bros map for detailing practice, and also it just seemed like fun to make one. Maybe bad? Who knows!

    The killzones are probably too close.

    • Dynamic respawn points that activate/deactivate spawn points to make sure you're not spawning in/on/near enemies
    • Edge warnings that fade in when you get close to the killzones
    • Jump pads!


    1. hl2_2020-05-07_21-39-18.jpg
    2. hl2_2020-05-07_21-39-40.jpg
    3. hl2_2020-05-07_21-39-58.jpg
    4. hl2_2020-05-07_21-40-18.jpg
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Recent Updates

  1. A2A: Fixed
  2. A2: Tweaked