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  1. 14bit

    Filtration (2020) A5A

    A remake of my first map, Filtration, started in three hours for Microcontest 10.
  2. 14bit

    Microcontest #10: Spiritual Successor

    Welcome to Microcontest 10: Spiritual Successor It's time for the last Microcontest of the year, so let's channel the spirit of the holidays and resurrect the dead! Wait, what do you mean that's not what "holiday spirit" is? Your mission—if you choose to accept it—is to make a spiritual...
  3. 14bit

    Microcontest #9: Buddy System

    Welcome to Microcontest 9: Buddy System Grab a buddy and get ready for one of the most experimental Microcontests yet! Today we're taking taking a peek at parallel universes; starting from the same point, how does an idea evolve when built by two different people? There's a lot going on here...
  4. 14bit

    2020 Server Mod Applications Now Open!

    Hey all! With some recent departures and promotions, we're looking to get some more people involved with moderating and leading the community. So, we're opening applications! We will consider everyone for every role, but we are mostly looking to add people to the Silver Star role and promote...
  5. 14bit

    14bit MC8 A1A

    Why did I do so much angled geometry
  6. 14bit

    Microcontest #8: Thinking Inside the Box

    Welcome to Microcontest 8: Thinking Inside the Box Psst, hey! Attached is a .vmf that contains a 4096 x 4096 x 2048 cage made of skip brushes. Your job is to make a map that fits entirely inside that space. Everything, including skybox brushes, must fit in the box! You can do any mode, but only...
  7. 14bit

    Sticky Stopper v1

    Sticky Stopper - Make stickies work with moving/dissapearing platforms and props Long have we sought a way to make stickies work nicely with moving objects in TF2, and today I finally present one possible solution: The Sticky Stopper! This is an entity setup consisting of a trigger, a filter...
  8. 14bit

    The 2020 72 Hour TF2 Jam Showcase!

    Header by Flipy and Pdan, featuring entries from Erk, sinnamon and Redbirb, Strno8, Mikroscopic, R△iииyy, Boba and Phe, and this year's logo from Void featuring work from AxioMr, Veliass, Barno, Majora, SediSocks, JeddyK, and hutty. Welcome back to the showcase! The 2020 Jam wrapped up...
  9. BiedroN

    Heavy Remake 2020-09-07

    I've brought some HEAVY stuff right here. Last year pyro got his own refreshment, to be schematic I started working on our probably the most iconic class in the game. Remember that kind of war between pyro and heavy couple of years ago?... you know, about who will receive next big update. Pyro...
  10. KSP_1.2.2.exe

    arena_mars Version 1.1

    // Just packing custom content // TL;DR: I seriously overestimated what I can do in 72 hours and underestimated what I can do in 3 hours. This isn't just my first 72Hr Jam this is also the first map I built from the ground up. This map somehow includes: A custom Skybox by me. Most glass...
  11. 14bit

    National a6a

    TC in under 72 hours.
  12. the real drew

    High Volumes

    Cosmetic made by Greg, Phe, Bakscratch and I for the 72hr Jam!
  13. SreDver

    Koth_Turbonakrychi 2020-09-07

    Yes!Another Koth map... 2 small med kit and 2 small ammo kit === Map creator: SreDver https://steamcommunity.com/id/SreDver/ === Custom content: Corner-resupply-locker https://tf2maps.net/downloads/corner-resupply-locker.1653/ By MaccyF <3
  14. Erk

    72hr Jam: Jungle Base A

  15. sour dani

    Kemuri War Paint 2020-09-06

    Another War Paint for all to enjoy! My second Jam Submission this year. What can I say I like collabs! Replaces the Bloom Buffed War Paint. Upvote on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2221657778 Primary Texture by Cicada88: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Cicada88...
  16. Inky_Mation

    Engineer: SENTRY UP AHEAD! 2020-09-06

    Engineers blocking the control points, can be incredibly difficult to handle. Especially as a scout, do you have any idea how many times scouts don't tend to check corners? At least most of em tend not to. Like even in the "Meet the Scout" movie, scout runs past a sentry without a single bullet...
  17. RednessQuaver

    Winter Sniping Spot 1

    Here's my submission for the 72Hour Jam, I had fun making it and chatting to friends while thinking of ideas for a poster. I decided to go with a simple scene featuring everyone's favorite sniper in a winter setting with a good vantage point. Here's a link to my Steam Profile...
  18. JLaum3

    [SFM] I AM A GOD! 2020-09-05

    engi thinks he's a god now. well, i have some bad news for him... steam link is: https://steamcommunity.com/id/djlaum/
  19. _flac

    An upgrade to my boss arena 2020-09-04

    My entry into the 2020 72hr jam. Definitely didn't need 72 hrs for this, but it took longer than I'm willing to admit. Thanks for the great charity and event. <3
  20. Cindycomma

    Jam With Us! 2020 72hr Jam Poster 8/25/20

    A poster to be used by mappers in the 2020 72hr Summer Jam. To use this poster, drop the folder inside the .zip into your \tf\custom\ folder, and it should be usable in hammer from there! Please credit me if this poster is used in your map, cheers!