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  1. ArtZ

    Coaltrench a3

    Coaltrench focuses on high ground surrounding the point with a path underneath the point to create dynamic fights. Mainly inspired by Highpass and the hope to make a better KOTH map than Overlook.
  2. Bisquit

    koth_cavern b1

    Early Alpha A king of the hill map set in a cavern mining operation. This early version is functional, but still missing a good bit of iteration and work.
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    Drillcore b1a1

    Drillcore is a Gravelpit Style Attack Defense map set in the middle of a red rock desert. Credits: Anything else not listed here is made by Ismac Health & Ammo Kit by Lee23 SKYBOX BY VOID Blu must control points a and b to unlock c which wins them the game when capped, Red must stop blu from...
  4. TrustyGun

    Silageview a2

    Silage, Noun "Fodder prepared by compressing and fermenting green forage crops under anaerobic conditions, usually in a silo." A simple 2CP A/D map with the cp_dustbowl aesthetic.
  5. KrazyZark

    Pl_oljato A2

    Pl_oljato is a hybrid payload map set in a coal mining and processing plant near an abandoned old mining town from the 1800's in the Navajo area
  6. Cindycomma

    Clatter Pass a1

    A well-type KotH map! What's well-type? Much like cp_well, this KotH map has setup time that allows medics to build uber and engineers to build modest nests before the teams fight, creating a new spin on KotH. A1 screenshots As always, comments and feedback are appreciated!
  7. Potato 2

    koth_drilled v1

    Red and Blu accidentally hired the same contractors to build a giant drill on top of a hill, being lazy they only built half of each, now the mercs will have to fight for ownership of the drill and all the gravel it dug up so far.
  8. r0nii

    wooden platforms v1

    wooden platforms that were made and also are used on the map called od_canary. fun fact. wood_platform04c.mdl were also made for od_canary but it was never used.
  9. zythe_

    goldstash a5

    Map made for the 72hr jam 2020! Small mining themed koth map inspired by pl_hoodoo!
  10. Danpkklp

    Stoneblast rc3

    koth_StoneBlast_Rc3 is here! Combining a Mannworks theme and a mining theme, I wanted to create a Koth map with plenty of vertical space, as well as having the option for a tighter, underground route. Any feedback in the comments (Visual or Gameplay oriented) is greatly appreciated! -Dan
  11. 14bit

    SB 14bit A2A

    An experimental Smash Bros map for detailing practice, and also it just seemed like fun to make one. Maybe bad? Who knows! The killzones are probably too close. Features: Dynamic respawn points that activate/deactivate spawn points to make sure you're not spawning in/on/near enemies Edge...
  12. pont

    Train-scale Mining Tracks v1

    all props_mining tracks upscaled by 2.5x to fit the rail gauge of normal trains.
  13. I dinne ken

    Kemilnewthing s4

    Kemilnewthing - a collab map between me and I dinne Ken
  14. zythe_

    trainwreck a1

    trainwreck is a payload map set at some kind of mining/storage facility. all the goods get delivered by train. Blu must destroy part of reds track so blu can send their train in instead of only reds!
  15. Waugh101

    Morro A3b

    BLU fights there way into a RED mining facility near El Morro, attempting to capture the Shipping and Receiving, Storage, and Refinery along the way. For my second A/D map, I've decided to keep it simple. The map is made in a classic Dustbowl theme; a lot of the areas are inspired by official...
  16. Waugh101

    Bisti A2b

    Being my first Attack/Defend map, Bisti is a single stage, 3 Control Point map set in the Dustbowl theme. BLU fights for control of a RED mining facility, from the rural outskirts of the facility to the Shipping and Receiving to the refinery and main base of operations. BLU Spawn, along with...
  17. NTMonsty

    Fuego final

    This is a map I made for the 72 Hour Jam of Summer 2019. RED and BLU have gone south in search of gold and oil, but have only found trees and mountains instead. Or at least that's how it's been like before. Now, they have their hands on land in the Land of Fire, and they found not fire, but gold...
  18. Switchgeer

    Ravine A5

  19. Cindycomma

    Methane A13

    This is pd_garner, but KotH. Why? Because Garner has a very KotH layout, and I want to see how it goes as a KotH map. Criticism and feedback are greatly appreciated!
  20. Yoshark

    Multi Stage cp_nuzzles s3_a1

    Development name, not finalized. A multi-staged A/D map with only one layout section developed. Going for a dustbowl style of map, but less chokey and more fun. Yes I know its a bit over detailed for an alpha, I initially started work on this as primary a detailing project rather than gameplay.